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"(Get Your Kicks On) Route 66" by John Pizzarelli Trio - Track of The Week

This week marked the start of what has become a Montreal tradition, The International Jazz Festival, celebrating their 40 years. How fitting for a long time contributor, John Pizzarelli to come back to the festival with his show "For Centennial Reasons: 100 Year Salute to Nat King Cole".

I did not get a chance to attend his show, but I am also a huge Nat King Cole fan. The combination of his voice and melodies are just quite unique and has aged very well.

John Pizzarelli is also a great musician. When you combine the two, it just sounds heavenly.

For that reason, Aroundtable's Track of the Week is (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66 by John Pizzarelli Trio. You can check it out below:

Let us know if you are going to the Montreal Jazz Festival. If so which artists did you go see?

We want to hear from you !!!!

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