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Under The Radar: Heart: Jupiters Darling (2004)

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

In 2004 Ann & Nancy Wilson released Jupiters Darling, their first Heart studio album since a decade. The album was made up of 16 tracks and was produced by Nancy Wilson and lead guitarist, Craig Bartock.

Unfortunately, the album was released on an independent record label which went belly up and stopped doing business just as Jupiters Darling was being released. Needless to say, with no financial backing and support the album quickly disappeared.

It`s really too bad, Jupiter’s Darling is easily one of the strongest albums in Heart`s catalogue. The album capitalizes on the sister’s strengths and more. Reclaiming their 70’s rock and folk roots and merging that with their 80’s pop sensibilities then adding a dash of the contemporary Seattle sound.

Jupiters Darling is great and invigorating from start to finish; with Ann & Nancy firing on all cylinders. Highlights of the album include the rockers - Make Me and Move On, the acoustic - The Oldest Story In The World and the beautiful heartfelt ballades - I Need the Rain and Enough.

Heart’s 13th studio album is simply a stunning listen and merits to be re-released and rediscovered by not only Heart fans but by music lovers the world over.

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