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Under The Radar: Peter Frampton - Peter Frampton (1994)

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Peter Frampton is one of the few artists who broke through to a wider audience because of the success of a live album. That album, of course, is Frampton Comes Alive. It became the biggest selling live album of all time that made Frampton a household name since its release in 1976.

Although Frampton’s studio albums did well, they fell well short of expectations compared to the sales of Frampton Comes Alive.

In my opinion, Frampton has put out some solid releases since his infamous live record but the one record that should have brought him to prominence was his 1994 self titled record, Peter Frampton. The record was made up of 12 tracks (expanded to 16 on the 2000 reissue) and was produced by Chris Lord-Alge (James Brown, Joe Cocker & Carly Simon).

The album has a clear, crisp sound that captures Frampton’s voice and of course his phenomenal guitar playing. The songs were catchy, melodic and it is easily his most satisfying studio album since the 1977 record, I’m In You.

Highlights on the record are: the pop rockers - Day In The Sun, Shelter Through The Night, the mid tempos - You Can Be Sure, It All Comes Down To You and the over six minute album closer - Changing All the Time.

So, if you haven’t listened to Frampton in awhile, this 1994 lost gem deserves a second chance.

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