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Whitesnake: Flesh & Blood (2019)

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

David Coverdale and Whitesnake have been delivering their own brand of blues-influenced hard rock since 1978 and, it looks like the band has no intent of slowing down anytime soon.

Whitesnake has just released it’s thirteenth studio album, Flesh & Blood. The album, produced by Coverdale, guitarist: Reb Beach, Joel Hoekstra and Michael McIntyre is being released in various formats; the basic release will have 13 tracks and the other formats will vary. Flesh and Blood continues to provide rock fans with a new set of hook infused tracks that surely will please most Whitesnake and/or rock fans alike.

After listening to Flesh & Blood, I can honestly say that Coverdale & Co. have delivered another solid - later day release. Although the album doesn’t reach the sheer heights of the 2011 Forevermore album, it still delivers everything that you could want in a Whitesnake album, namely: bluesy rockers, pop/rockers and dramatic ballades backed by a very proficient band (Reb Beach — guitar, Joel Hoekstra — guitar, Michael Devin — bass, Tommy Aldridge — drums & Michele Luppi — keyboards).

Highlights on Flesh & Blood : the energetic bluesy album opener: Good To See You, the groove infused: Hey You (You Make Me Rock), the hook driven pop rocker: Well I Never, the acoustic ballade: After All and the two epic 6 minute + tracks: Heart of Stone and Sands of Time.

I enjoyed this latest release, but there are a few minor flaws with Flesh & Blood. I was not crazy about the sequencing of the tracks, I definitely would have changed the running order so as to give Flesh & Blood a smoother flow. Also, with 15 tracks, the album starts to feel a little a long but then again, you don’t necessarily have to put all the tracks on your playlist, right?

In either way, Whitesnake proves that they can still release a solid album of original material, 40 years into the game; this is an amazing achievement for any band. Highly recommended.

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