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Under The Radar: Def Leppard - X (2002)

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

If you ask any Def Lep they either love or hate this record. A lot of old school fans claim that the record sounds too poppy. While the guitars do take a back seat on X, Def Leppard still demonstrate that they know their way around catchy hooks and melodies.

Personally, I think that X is a solid release. Not a classic but definitely worth a listen.

Highlights on X include the moody album opener Now, the pop rockers Four Letter Word and Scar, and last but not least, the tear jerking ballade, Long Long Way to Go.

Yes, Def Leppard's X is really poppy but that formula works and it makes for a fun listen. In my opinion, the outside writers reinvigorated the boys in the band to run with this new sound

X will never be the next Hysteria or Pyromania but it is an entertaining listen.

So if like catchy poppy rock songs, then give Def Leppard's X a listen.

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