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My Record Collection: Saxuality - Candy Dulfer (1990)

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Album Name: Saxuality

Group Name: Candy Dulfer

Genre: Pop Jazz

Release Date: June 1990


For this review I have gone into the archive's. Almost no one remembers this album. It was a hit considering that it is pop jazz. It sold over one million units I believe that it was one of the first CD's that my brother ever bought.


I usually do not give background for an album review but I believe that it is needed here. Candy Dulfer is a dutch Saxophonist. She was born on 19 September, 1969 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

From Wikipedia (notable highlights)

Dulfer's band performed throughout the Netherlands and in 1987 was the opening act for two of Madonna's European concerts.

In 1988 Prince invited Dulfer on stage to play an improvised solo during one of his European shows. In 1989 Dulfer appeared in Prince's "Partyman" video.

Dulfer performed session work with Eurythmics guitarist and producer Dave Stewart and was a guest musician for Pink Floyd during the band's performance at Knebworth in 1990, from which several tracks were released on a multi-artist live album and video, Live at Knebworth '90.

Dulfer was also the featured saxophonist on Van Morrison's A Night in San Francisco, an album in 1993, and performed with Alan Parsons and his band at the World Liberty Concert in 1995

Dulfer collaborated with her father Hans Dulfer on the duet album Dulfer Dulfer in 2001. She joined Prince's band in 2004 for his Musicology Live 2004 ever tour.

In 2007, Dulfer was the presenter and interviewer in Candy meets..., her own television program for public broadcaster NPS. In the series she met with Sheila E., Maceo Parker, Hans Dulfer, Van Morrison, Dave Stewart, and Mavis Staples.

Track Listing

  1. Lily Was Here" - 4:18 (only featured on select versions)

  2. "Pee Wee" (Ulco Bed) – 3:45

  3. "Saxuality" (Ulco Bed, Candy Dulfer) – 4:27

  4. "So What" (Miles Davis; arr. Bed/Dulfer) – 4:54

  5. "Jazzid" (Ulco Bed, Candy Dulfer) – 4:21

  6. "Heavenly City" (Ulco Bed, Candy Dulfer) – 6:03

  7. "Donja" (Ulco Bed) – 5:17

  8. "There Goes the Neighbourhood" (Ulco Bed) – 3:55

  9. "Mr. Lee" (Ulco Bed) – 4:52

  10. "Get the Funk" (Ulco Bed) – 4:16

  11. "Home Is Not a House" (Hans Dulfer, F Batta; arr. Bed) – 4:10


This was the first album from this artist. Most of the songs on this album are instrumental. The most popular song is probably Lily Was Here. On some releases there was a remix of Lily Was Here at the end of the album as a bonus track. This song is a musical duet with Candy Dulfer playing the sax and Dave Stewart on guitar. It is a smooth song that was released prior to this album in 1989. However, it was the first time that it was on a Candy Dulfer album.

Another strong entry on this album is Saxuality. This has a very strong 90's pop sound with sax in it. Some would say that it is cheesy but I personally think that it still holds up pretty well.

So What, which was written by none other than Miles Davis himself, is a good one. It has a more funky feel to it. You can sense the Miles Davis touch and Dulfer plays this song very well.

Jazzid sounds very similar to Saxuality in terms of vibe. It is still a pretty catchy song.

The weaker songs on the album for me are Mr. Lee, Donja and Get the Funk. I do not think that they are horrible but they are not to the same level as the songs mentioned above. They just have something about them that do not flow as well.

It is a shame that I never really followed Dulfer's career after this album. I think that I will listen to her future albums to see how she matured as an artist.

This album is a lost one that I am sure not many people remember. The one's that do remember are her hardcore fans. It is a shame as this is a strong debut album. She has travelled the world and opened for Madonna back in the day. Not everyone can boast that feat.

If you want to listen to some poppy jazz than this is for you. Yes it may sound dated in parts but it does not mean that it is not good. It is worth a shot and I think that you will not be disappointed.

What do you think?

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