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Colin James: Miles To Go (2018)

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Canada's very own Colin James returns to the blues scene with his latest release, Miles To Go.

The album is made up of 9 blues covers and 2 Colin James originals.Miles To Go isn't as guitar driven as his previous blues record(Blue Highways) but it's still an enjoyable listen. Wisely, James tackles lesser known songs from his blues heroes thus avoiding the pitfalls have hearing the same old songs for millionth time.

Colin James has always been known as a guitar slinger but with his latest opus, James can add interpreter to his resume. James really captures the emotions of the songs and updates them for the modern listener.

The tracks flow very nicely. Standouts include the album opener One More Mile, the dirty/sexy second track, Still A Fool; the Mark Knopfler inspired, 40 Light Years and the slow/bluesy, Black Night.

Colin James has been releasing quality records for years and Miles To Go is no exception. The album is well played and produced with a classy tip of the hat to the blues.

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