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Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Apparently Aquaman has done better than expected at the box office than DC anticipated. To be honest, I'm not surprised by this. I was certain that Aquaman would go gangbusters at the box office.

First off, Jason Momoa seems like a down to earth kind of guy who happens to look like a bad ass. Second, the director , James Wan has a solid fan base because of his hit horror franchises, Saw and the Conjuring. Third, there has never been a movie done on Aquaman, so the excitement or curiosity level is at an all time high. Sure it's another super hero movie but it isn’t Batman or Superman . Fourth, because the movie actually takes place underwater, rather than New York city, as an example, is very refreshing.

Aquaman isn’t a perfect movie by any stretch of the imagination but it's just like Wonder Woman; it's something other than Superman or Batman.

Well, hopefully this'll send a message to DC that as much as we love Batman and Superman, there are countless other heroes in the extended universe to explore and I for one would love to see these other worlds.

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