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KISS: End of the Road World Tour

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

This farewell tour from Kiss has been heavily criticized from its inception.

First off, it looks like former Kiss lead guitarist, Ace Frehley, has some harsh words towards founding member Gene Simmons. Simmons has said that both former members Ace Frehley and Peter Criss can participate in the farewell tour in a limited capacity. He also said both Ace and Peter will never be fully reinstated into band but more importantly they are in no condition to handle a tour of this length and scale. Ace has refuted the allegations and has also stated that Gene Simmons acted inappropriately towards Ace's wife on Simmons' Vault tour and that the "gloves are off" and may be considering taking this matter to court.

Well, the bigger obstacle with the tour is the uproar from the fans due to the fact that Paul Stanley has been caught lip syncing.

For the most part, lip syncing has become the norm now of days. Except, Kiss, over the years, have bad mouthed other bands for ripping off their fans by charging them hundreds of dollars to listen to a recording. Now, Kiss has been caught lip syncing on this farewell tour and the band has been placed on the proverbial "hot seat" for it.

As much as it pains me to say it, I can understand the bands changing stance on lip syncing. It's common knowledge that Paul Stanley has lost his voice. There is no way that Stanley can handle the bulk of the songs on the current tour for multiple nights in a row especially over the next three years. In all honesty, nobody can.

The thing is, Kiss, over the last four decades have generated a larger than life spectacle. If Kiss are actually calling it quits then they need to bring their "A" game or risk ruining their legacy as one of the definitive live acts in rock history.

With that being said, it ultimately comes down to this. Whether or not you condone lip syncing or that you believe that Kiss is just a huge marketing gimmick, your wallet will make the final decision.

I love Kiss and I would love to see them but at $300 ... it's the end of the road for me. Plus, I'm sure Kiss will release a Blu-ray of the show and I can have a permanent souvenir of the whole thing for a fraction I the price.

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