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My Top Twitch Gaming Channels: Engineering Gaming Nerd (EGN)

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Channel Name: EngineeringGamingNerd (EGN)

Channel Link:

Followers: 100


Here is another entry in My Top Twitch Gaming Channels segment. This time it is a channel that I have been following for about 6 months. I always keep coming back when he is on as I think he is one of the good channels out there.

Bio and Background

I do not know a ton about this streamer. As the name would suggest he is an Engineer by trade. At night he becomes a gaming guru. Ok, that is going a little far but he is a good gamer.

I stumbled upon this channel while he was playing through Fallout 4 I believe. I started watching his channel more and more when he was playing the BETA for Fallout 76. I appreciated his honesty with the game when everyone would just complain about the game. I have seen him play Anthem and Dragon Age. Recently he has also played Far Cry: New Dawn. He seems to gravitate towards single player games and story driven games.

I have mostly caught his streams in the evenings. He usually streams between 7 pm EST and 9 pm EST.

Here is a sample of this streams:

Engineering Gaming Nerd: Far Cry: New Dawn (Sample Gameplay)

Why do I like this channel?

There are a few reasons why this channel is cool to follow. One of them is that as many good channels, the host is good. Yes the game matters but he makes the streams enjoyable and exciting.

I also like the fact that the streams are chill. The people he has in his chat are pretty cool and are respectful. I know that I say that about a lot of the channels that I follow, but for me it counts for a lot.

He is not a big channel right now but he will grow to be a pretty good one. It is a great channel to watch while doing homework or some overtime work. I have not been bored or disappointed yet with any stream that I have watched. I also like the humor that he ads randomly from time to time. It is pretty cool.

If you like a chill stream with a great streamer, then Engineering Gaming Nerd will not disappoint.

You can also find him on YouTube and Twitter.



Please follow this streamer if you like what you see and give him your support.

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