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The Rolling Stones

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

The Rolling Stones haven’t made an album of original material since 2005s A Bigger Bang. Mick Jabber and KeIth Richards have hinted they have been working on new material for a new Rolling Stones albumI know that the consensus is that a majority of fans do not care about new material from a classic rock band but I am totally excited at the prospect of new music from The Stones.

Personally I did enjoy their cover album Blue and Lonesome and thought that Mick and Boys still had that magic. I do home that they keep that blues sound on their new record. I really enjoyed them embracing their blues roots.

So while some fans and critics that groups like The Stones cannot deliver an album that matches the material from their heyday. That may be true but Mick and Keith have the talent to write some solid tracks. All I expect are some solid tunes. These new songs will become classics because rock radio will never embrace the new material. Radio will continue to play the tried tested and true hits.

Still I believe that The Stones can deliver a great record.

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