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Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Rumours have been running wild with members of AC/DC being spotted in Vancouver. What does this mean? Has the band patched things up and are going to make a new studio album? Is AC/DC planning a Farewell tour?

Personally I'd love to see the band finally put out a retrospective or greatest hits package and add some new tracks as an added bonus. Come on, with the group's history, the fans deserve a double disc set from AC/DC. And, the new tracks would just make it as perfect as an olive in in a martini. Now I know that one of the chief writers Malcom Young has passed away. But I'm confident that there must be some leftover or unfinished material somewhere that the remaining members of AC/DC could work on. Even the Rolling Stones and Van Halen have used older material to create an album. I'm sure that after all these years, there must be 2 or 3 decent tracks that can be used, right? Another option though, would be for Angus Young to reach out to Axl Rose. Axl Rose closed out the last couple of shows on AC/DC's last world tour. As much as some long term fans were angry at Axl Rose stepping inn I thought he did a good job. I for one, would be curious to see what this partnership of Young and Rose could create. I would like to hear one new song, at least.

So, if I had any power, I'd get AC/DC to come out with a definitive retrospective that would include those unreleased tracks and, (one can dream) add one or four new tracks with Axl Rose before going out go on a final world tour. So tell us what you think is happening with AC/DC? Any ideas or thought? We'd love to hear from you.

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