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Under the Radar: Rick Springfield, Tao (1995)

Rick Springfield will forever be remembered for Jessie's Girl but this '80s soapstar and singer has created some pretty rewarding albums over his career.

Rick Springfield still knows his way around a catchy hook and has managed to incorporate numerous musical genres in his records (blues, country, hard rock, acoustic, pop).

The very first record I ever purchased was, Tao. The record was releases in March 1985 and was certified gold (half million units sold).

Tao was the album were Rick Springfield was starting to tackle and incorporate bigger issues and themes into his songs. Dance this World Away describes how people have become distracted with technology and popular culture. Celebrate youth deals with getting old and how we should embrace our youth. State of the Heart is about how love can reopen the coldest of hearts. Easily the highlight is the heartfelt, poignant ballade and My Father's Chair which deals with Rick's coming to terms with his father’s death.

Tao does sound a bit dated now, but it's still a solid album built on a big bold idea of radio friendly hooks filled commercial pop.

So if you thought that Rick Springfield was simply a hit maker during the '80s then I urge to give Tao and all the albums that followed a listen.

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