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Guns N' Roses

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

I was really excited to hear that the reunited Guns N Roses line up were planning to release a brand new studio album. I mean, who knows when the album will come out but I, for one, think that this will reopen the doors for rock music to be played on the radio air-waves once again.

The reunited lineup has been getting rave reviews for their live shows so hopefully that transcends into their new studio album.

For me, Guns N Roses', Appetite for Destruction is arguably one of the last great rock albums of our generation. So, I'm guessing that expectations will be very high for this release.

I am curious to hear what this album will sound like. Will it be like Appetite for Destruction or will GnR try to update their sound like Axl did with Chinese Democracy (the last studio album from GnR that could be considered a solo album.)

I enjoyed Chinese Democracy and the reunited lineup played those songs quite well; I think that if the new album resembles Chinese Democracy, I'd be ok with the band updating their signature sound. Just not certain that most fans would agree. I think fans are hoping for a, Use Your Illusion or Appetite for Destruction, era sound. Which I understand and I wouldn't mind this either. I just hope that GnR can find a balance between sounding up to date and not sacrificing their signature sound. Why not a hybrid of sounds from Destruction to Chinese Democracy.

Only time will tell if GnR will deliver another killer/classic album but because of the rave reviews of their live shows, I feel confident that they can deliver a solid release that should please the fans.

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