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DC Extended Universe

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

So, DC keeps sabotaging its cinematic universe with so many bad decisions, its amazing that they' re still releasing movies.

Let's start with their latest screw ups. Getting rid of Affleck and Cavill just as they are embracing their iconic characters is madness. They both have the star power to save this franchise so why don't you hold on to your star power.

My next issue is with the casting of Jason Momoa as Aquaman? I really like Momoa ,but he should be playing the intergalactic badass bounty hunter called Lobo. I'm sure Momoa would kick ass in an R rated DC film as Lobo. I can only imagine how much fun that film could be. Think of it as Deadpool in space. It would be a monster hit for DC.

Well that's all I got, for now, but if DC needs anyone to help them fix their cinematic universe, I am available.

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