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The Christmas Chronicles (2018) - Review

This year, Netflix released a number of Christmas movies. The Christmas Chronicles came out at the end of November and stars Kurt Russel, Darby Camp and Judah Lewis and directed by Clay Kaytis. Despite having only a producer credit, the movie was greatly influenced by Chris Columbus, who directed Home Alone and wrote the Gremlins.

The story is about a family in which the dad, who was a fireman, had died in the line of duty and the family is having a hard time adjusting. Teddy (Judah Lewis) and Kate (Darby Camp) are struggling to find the Christmas Spirit. Teddy keeps hanging around with his delinquent friends and Kate finds comfort in looking at home videos of the families Christmas past. Their mom Claire (Kimberly Williams-Paisley) is called in to work on Christmas Eve, and leaves Teddy to look after Kate. After she leaves for work, Kate convinces Teddy to stay with her because she is convinced that she can catch Santa on camera. They catch Santa (Kurt Russel) in the act. Not only did they discover that Santa is real, they find Santa’s sleigh and hide in it. They end up surprising Santa and crashing the sleigh in the streets of Chicago. With only hours left before Christmas morning, Teddy and Kate need to help Santa to deliver all those gifts before Christmas morning. This turns out to be a journey only kids could dream about.

The movie is quite entertaining. Kurt Russel gives a great performance with a touch of humor. He has a musical number, who has played Elvis impersonator in the past, rocking it out in a prison cell, backed up by the Little Steven Van Zandt and the Disciples of Soul, and a trio of sexy back-up singers. Some critics were quite harsh saying this type of behavior is not made for the children audiences. In one way I see their point, yet on the other way despite looking sexy, there is nothing that is explicit. Check it out for yourself below:

I think we have become as a society way too politically correct and less on just enjoying an entertaining movie. The movie has everything in it: action (when did you ever see Santa in a car chase in a Dodge Challenger none the less), runaway deer, the toy shop at the North Pole, a family reconciliation and a gift that makes everything better. There are also the CGI elves, who will make you think of a Christmas version of the Gremlins. The only thing is that sometimes the plot seems to be dragged out a little but beside that a great holiday movie to watch with the family.

Bottom Line

This is a feel-good movie that does not take itself too seriously. There is something for everyone: action, humor and the magic of Christmas. People who criticize and put down this movie has lost sight that not every movie has to be CGI perfect and plot perfect. It is these movies that are not perfect that make them gems. Critics sometimes forget what a movie is all about: entertaining and this movie is definitely entertaining and has the making of becoming a holiday favorite in years to come. Who does not want to want to see Santa with a sense of humor?

This movie is definitely a 8 out of 10 stars.

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