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KISS: END OF THE ROAD TOUR (Part 2) - Psycho Circus (1998)

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

I started to go back through my Kiss collection as I come to terms with the fact that one of my favorite bands is calling it quits with their END OF THE ROAD TOUR". This time I will review their 1998 reunion album, Psycho Circus.

Technically the last studio album with the four original members. I say, technically, because Ace and Peter really didn't play much on the album and only contributed one song each.

Initially I was very disappointed with the reunion album but Kiss redeemed themselves with their previous studio album, Revenge. The band seemed unified and inspired and delivered one of the best albums of their career. Then you hear Psycho Circus and it seemed disjointed and unfocused at times. Even though the album has grown on me, over the years I have come to appreciate the songs like the title track, Within, & Into the Void. It's my opinion that the album is a step backwards compared to that of the material from Revenge.

Still the album has a few gems that deserve to be rediscovered.

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