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My Record Collection: Van Halen - 1984

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

While most fans were seduced by VH's eruption as of their debut record, I wasn't old enough to get a VH record until the release of 1984.

Lucky for me 1984 though, it's a great album to get to know VH. In my opinion , 1984 is one of the best records in the band's catalogue.

1984 plays out like a greatest hits record in that every song is melodic, hooked filled and memorable. From the instrumental album opener to the last notes of the album closer, each and every track reels you in and never once loses its hold.

Unlike most of the over produced albums of the 80's, , Eddie Van Halen and producer Ted Templeton wisely use the keyboards to enhance and drive the melody home. And because of that, for the most part, 1984 sounds as good now as it did all those years ago.

Upon its initial release, 1984 was labeled a keyboard/synth rock album. I never understood all the commotion about that. VH have had used keyboards before and really, the only other tracks that rely on keyboards is the instrumental album opener and I'll Wait. The album rocks harder than you think. Just listen again to Drop Dead Legs or Top Jimmy and you'll see how they could have blended in so well on VH1 and VH2.

I still listen to 1984 today. It's a solid album that showcases the group in top from. Who knew that beneath that strutting hard-rock arena band, beat the heart of a pop savy group, worth more than a dozen Journey or Foreigner's combined. Highly recommended.

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