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My Top Twitch Gaming Channels: Switch24

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Channel: Switch24

Channel LInk:

Followers: 56


This is a streamer that I have started to follow due to AvanteGuarde. I started following just to see what he was like and I liked what I saw. Switch plays various games.

Let us see what makes this a good channel.

Bio and Background

From Switch24's Profile:

Hey thanks for stopping by! My name is Matt and I am a Destiny/League of Legends player looking to start up some streaming to share my experiences and personality all while playing some of the games you love! Still working out a "set schedule" but as we go along we will make this a more permanent thing.

He mostly plays Destiny 2 and League of Legends. However, he did stream Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

He has a few social media accounts but he is mostly on Twitter under the following link:

Switch24 - Sample Stream

Why do I like Watching this Channel?

To be honest, it is a great channel to chill and to talk about anything. I have spoken about games, news and TV shows.

I think that I relate to Switch24 as I feel that we are similar streamers. I am not a multiplayer guy by any means but we seem to have similar views and he hosts in a very similar manner to me. Switch is not the full on entertainer like other channels. However, when the chat starts going, he is fun and I like what he has to say.

I also liked watching the channel when he is playing Tomb Raider for example as I like to see how he will get through the puzzles. I always like to see people's thought process in solving puzzles.

He has hinted that he wanted to stream some Fallout at some point or Skyrim with mods. So it seems that he will be even more varied as he settles in on a regular schedule.

If you watch Switch you will not be disappointed. He is not a big channel right now but it could very well grow very soon. I really like the channel and I hope that you can show your support as well if you like it.

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