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My Top Twitch Gaming Channels: AvanteGuarde

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Channel Name: AvanteGuarde

Channel Link:

Followers: 140


I wanted to continue my series on my favourite Twitch channels. I started following Avante about 7 or 8 months ago. I was looking for something to watch on Twitch and I saw that he was playing League of Legends (LOL). I do not really play this game but I like to watch other players play it. Let us look at what makes this a good channel.

Bio and Background

Avante is a photographer by trade and he resides in New York City. He is a very talented photographer and he spends his spare time playing some League of Legends.

He is also a fan of older games such as WWF Wrestlefest or classic NES games such as Blades of Steel.

He has a few social media accounts. You can find them below:




AvanteGuarde - Sample Stream

Why do I like Watching this Channel?

As I have mentioned it numerous times, the host makes the channel. Yes the game is important but the host is the reason why you come back.

Avante is a very laid back guy. His streams are very chill and you can talk about anything really as long as you are respectful.

Another reason that I like the channel is because it is a small channel and everyone that comes to chat is respectful. I have rarely seen someone come in and cause havoc.

There are times where he gets away from LOL and just streams himself editing photos. That is awesome as well as you get to see a guy enjoying his craft. I find these streams refreshing and it gives his viewers something a little different.

I have to admit that one of the best times that I was on his stream was when he was playing around with OBS and then the chat started feeding him YouTube wrestling videos. That was awesome and I laughed so much. It was better than anything that could probably get on cable TV. It was impromptu but fun as hell.

When he saw that I was a regular viewing his streams, he created a theme song for me based on the Ultimate Warrior theme from the WWF (World Wrestling Federation). How can you top that?

Also due to Avante, I have met some pretty awesome streamers as well. He has a small community but the community is tight.

In the end, I like this channel cause Avante is funny, cool and interesting to watch. There is never a dull moment when you watch him and his chat is also awesome as well.

So what are you doing? Go check him out and give him a follow.

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