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Steve Perry - Traces (2018)

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

To many of us, Steve Perry was one of the defining voices of our generation. Songs like: Any Way You Want It; Girl Can't Help I; Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'; Separate Ways (Worlds Apart); Who's Crying Now and Don't Stop Believin' not only were they a soundtrack to our lives but have become staples on radio and digital music services across the globe.

From the late seventies to the late nineties, Steve Perry dominated the radio and video stations. But that all came to a crushing halt in 1997. Burned out and exhausted, Steve Perry walked away from the music business and for two decades, one the most recognizable voices on radio went silent. Until now.

Traces is Perry’s first studio album since Journey’s 1996 reunion record, Trial by Fire.

Traces is a ballad filled, slow to mid-tempo record. Although Perry’s voice is rougher and raspier, he still has the uncanny ability to capture and deliver the mood and emotion of every single lyric in a song. Traces, in essence, captures everything that we love about Steve Perry.

Highlights on the album include the debut single: No Erasin, the melodic Sun Shines Grey, the piano ballade You Belong To Me and Easy To Love.

The only minor issue with Traces is the pacing. Like I said, this is a ballade filled record and some fans may have a problem with that.

Above and beyond all that, this album deserves a place in everyone’s collection.

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