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The Turing Test (XBOX One) Review

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Game Name: The Turing Test

Publisher: Square Enix

Developer: Bulkhead Interactive

Release Date: August 30th, 2016


As a Computer Science graduate, the title alone got me interested. This, like many games in my backlog was a free downloadable with Games with Gold. So let us see if it lives up to the name of the father of Computer Science.


In case that you may not know, Alan Turing is considered as one of originators of Computer Science. He created the Turing Test.

From Google:

A test for intelligence in a computer, requiring that a human being should be unable to distinguish the machine from another human being by using the replies to questions put to both.

You play the character of Ava who is awaken from a cryogenic slumber . You are on a base on the planet of Europa. In order to traverse the base, you need to complete the various puzzles.

You go through the puzzles with the aid of T.O.M (Technical Operations Machine). However, as solve the puzzles, you realize that T.O.M. is not what he seems. His explanations to things, make less and less sense. I will not give out the ending as it is a nice reward for when you beat the game.


The main attraction is the gameplay. One of the chatters on my stream described this game best.

"It is the mature version of Portal." weazelbeast2017 (

He was not wrong. It is very similar in a lot of ways but it does not have as much action as Portal. You need to use the tools and hints provided to you in order to complete each level or stage.

I will admit that the soundtrack to this game is awesome. It really puts you in that relaxing mood in order to solve one of the many challenges coming your way.

There are areas where you can explore, but they are few and far in between. Although, when you do get to a part where you can read and learn more, it is cool.

The Turing Test - Sample Gameplay


I really liked this game. I love puzzle games and this one did not disappoint. Of course there is not much replay value as once you figure out all of the puzzles, the game is not that difficult or fun.

I will admit that I found the difficulty of the puzzles to be uneven. There were levels where it took me up to 30 minutes to figure out and then the next one took me only 5 minutes. I do not know if it is because I had an easier time with some puzzles in comparison with others.

To be honest, that is my biggest complaint. The rest of the game is awesome. The story is a nice touch. It gave meaning to the puzzles which is fun. As I mentioned before, the music is soothing and awesome. It has that relaxing classical sound. You can hear me on my streams saying how much I loved the soundtrack a few times.

This is worth a pick up if you have never played. This is best played without spoilers. Just take your time with this game and have fun. I really hope that they would come up with a second game in the same format. It would be really cool.

Rating: 4 Turing Tests out of 5

What did you think? Did you like it? Have you played it? Let me know at the coordinates below.

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