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Deadpool 2 (2018)

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Our favourite Merc with a Mouth is back in his second feature film simply called, Deadpool 2. This time around, Deadpool must protect a teenage mutant from Cable; a genetically enhanced soldier from the future. Realizing that he may be up against a superior enemy, Deadpool creates his own team called, X-Force.

Ryan Reynolds proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Deadpool wasn’t a fluke and that he was made to the play the part. With a bigger budget Deadpool 2 is ready to double down on the brutality, amazing action sequences, fourth wall quips, and meta references to everything from fellow X-Men Universe movies to Marvel Studios' franchise and Warner Bros' DC Films Universe.

Deadpool 2 is definitely one of the few sequels in recent memory that comes close to recapturing “the magic” of its predecessor. Fans of the first film will devour Deadpool 2 because for the most part, it doesn’t disappoint. Without giving anything away, I thought the way Deadpool 2 tried to raise the drama in the film seemed like a strange choice, but that’s me and it's a very minor obstacle in the film.

All in all, Deadpool 2, ok I just have to write it, just once, DP2 is one great sequel and one of the best superhero movie franchises out there. Please stay till the end because Deadpool 2 has the greatest post-credit scenes of all the superhero movies.

DP2 is another great entry in this franchise and is worth every penny to see it on the big screen. Highly Recommended.

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