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Top 10 - Games with Best Music/Themes

Updated: Nov 20, 2022


I have been playing games for a very long time. Something that I always loved in games was the music. This sets up the mood of the game and some have even become classics. From the 4-bit machine of the ColecoVision to the XBOX One, some themes and themes are etched in our games. Below are my Top 10, favourite music in video games.

10. Geometry Wars 2

This theme is so addictive that I actually have it saved in my YouTube favourites. It is perfect for the fast paced gameplay and the song can stay stuck in your head for hours.

9. Pitfall / Pitfall 2 Theme

This is one of the first game that I had the pleasure to play as a kid and I have always remembered this game. The gameplay is addictive and so is the theme. What do you think?

8. Contra

This was the action game on the NES. The side scroller shooter was perfect. It was just difficult enough without being impossible. The different stages had different themes and each one was as good or better than the next. Below is the metal remix from Vomitron. Enjoy.

7. Streets of Rage 2

This theme was always stuck in my head after I would play in the arcade. Again it sets the mood to the game and it is perfect for the type of gameplay. Enjoy!

6. Ninja Gaiden

This game was released for the NES and the music was epic for the time. Each level, similar to Contra, had a different theme. Each theme was unique and catchy as hell! The newer Ninja Gaiden games to me have not been able to get even close to the sound of the original. How do you like it?

5. Sonic the Hedgehog

This was my first owned game on the Genesis and it became the Super Mario Bros. on this platform. Similar gameplay in that it was a side scroller and you collected rings. It did add an element of speed and it was a hit!! However the themes were instrumental in setting up the feel for each level in this game. What do you think?

4. Zelda theme

This is another classic by fans. They have even had concerts where the score is played with an orchestra. Enjoy!

3. Deus Ex

I am biased as I love this game but this theme is amazing. It is not catchy like Sonic or Geometry Wars but it really sets the mood, like the theme of a Movie or a TV show.

2. Mike Tyson's Punch Out

This is an NES classic. The gameplay was awesome. The music is even better. Many people have remixed this theme or have played the guitar version. No matter which version that you listen to, the theme will forever stay in our collective minds. :)

1. Super Mario Brothers

I am not being original, I know. However this theme has appeared in the Mario games for the better part of 30 years. Every game has a version of this theme. Even non gamers will know what this theme is.

So there it is! Let me know what you guys and gals think at the links below.

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