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My Top Twitch Gaming Channels: 3) cNEY

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Channel Name: cNEY

Channel Link:

Followers: 156


Let me continue with the Twitch series. This channel I found as cNEY (pronounced Kenny) was playing some original Doom or Doom II. I found his streams awesome. Even if there was no one in the chat he made the streams interesting with little bits of information.

Bio and Background

From cNEY Twitch Profile:

Welcome! I'm CnEY (pronounced "Kenny"), a web developer by day and a gamer/musician in my spare time.

My schedule fluctuates a bit and there will be days I don't stream, but here are the times you can expect to see streams (all times US Eastern):

  • Mon-Tue: ~9:30PM

  • Wed-Thu: ~8:30PM (Might skip some weeks)

  • Sat-Sun: various times afternoon/evening, typically 3PM and/or 8PM

He often likes to stream speed runs and he also plays a mixture of older games and new games as well. He manages to keep it interesting as he likes to change it up ever so often.

He also does events periodically and does some marathon streams.

Sample Stream

Why do I love watching this channel?

cNEY is entertaining to watch. I like how he approaches a problem in a game. He may think that sometimes he is playing poorly in the games, but his gameplay is fun to watch.

I love the games that he chooses to play. He has played many old school games like Ninja Gaiden and Doom and I love that.

I like the interactions that I have had with cNEY on his channel and I like the chats with the other followers as well. I also love the fact that the chat is not so full that you cannot actually have a conversation.

He seems to have a weak spot for platformers which is fine with me as I am the same.

Although he does not have a ton of followers, he is still fun to watch. I consider this a diamond in the rough of all the Twitch channels out there.

Let me know what you think and if you like this channel, please follow! :)

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