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Cartoon Corner: COPS (1988)

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Show Name: COPS aka CyberCOPS

Directed by: Kevin Altieri

Distributor: Claster Television

Number of Episodes: 65


I remember this show playing at 4 pm after school on ABC. At the time, I thought that it lasted for years but apparently it only ran for 2 seasons.


At the core of this cartoon is a very old formula, Cops vs. bad guys. However, this cartoon had a little bit of a twist. It took place in the future. The opening line in the intro is, "Fighting Crime in a Future Time". It was also known for its tag line "It's crime fighting time!".

C.O.P.S. stands for Central Organization of Police Specialists. I guess that was a very fancy way of saying Police Officers. The bad guys were Big Boss and his band of crooks. Not very original I must say.

For a show that seems to be shallow at first sight, it has a lot of characters that have deep backgrounds. You can see the full list of the characters here.

Every episode would have the good guys trying to stop the bad guys. Although, it was not much, it was good enough to keep me interested while I ate my chocolate chip cookies with milk after school.

The show ran for 2 years but was picked up years later in syndication. That is when the name of the show changed to CyberCOPS. People did not want this cartoon to be confused with the show of the same name COPS.

What made this cartoon Memorable?

As I mentioned before I remember watching this show as a kid. I still remember it to this day, so there must be some aspects that I liked.

1) The Opening Theme

Like any other good cartoon, the show had to have a good theme. I always loved this theme and still love it to this day.

Opening Theme (courtesy Chris Maz)

2) Toys

I would like the different types of characters and one Christmas, I received a COPS action figure. Here is an example.

I had friends that had the other characters but I was happy with this one. Man, that picture above brings me back. If I remember correctly it was not the most sturdy of action figures. Many pieces could get lost if one was not careful. Everyone lost the jacket at one point.

3) Big Boss

I always loved Big Boss. I loved the voice acting by Len Carlson. Len Carlson voiced many characters of my youth. He was the voice of Ben Raccoon in The Raccoons and Rocket Robin Hood just to name a few.

Sample Big Boss Clip (Meeehhhhhhhh)

He just sounded like a criminal. I know that sounds bad but it is true.

4) The Naming Convention of the Shows

I know it sounds stupid but the naming of the shows sounded grown up. I remember watching Perry Mason with my dad and the name of the show would always be, The Case of.....etc. The cartoon was named the same way. It just sounded cool.

C.O.P.S. - The case of the Big Boss' Big Switch


I remember this show as being awesome. Unfortunately, looking at old episodes, it has lost its edge with me. Unlike, He-Man, where I can rewatch the episodes over and over again, this one not so much.

It is not horrible but it seems dated. It does not have the nostalgia feeling that most cartoons from that time had. Too bad. Right now I am limited to what is on YouTube, but one day I am sure that I will buy the DVD just to watch the shows.

What do you think? Did you like this show back in the day? Let me know below.

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