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Under The Radar: ALICE COOPER - Dirty Diamonds (2005)


01. Woman Of Mass Distraction 02. You Make Me Wanna

03. Perfect 04. Dirty Diamonds

05. Pretty Ballerina 06. Sunset Babies (All Got Rabies)

07. Zombie Dance 08. The Saga Of Jesse Jane

09. Six Hours 10. Steal That Car

11. Run Down The Devil 12. Your Own Worst Enemy

13. Stand [feat. Xzibit][bonus]

14. The Sharpest Pain [Russian and Australian bonus]


- Alice Cooper / Vocals, Harmonica - Ryan Roxie / Guitar - Damon Johnson / Guitar - Chuck Garric / Bass - Tommy Clufetos / Drums - Xzibit / Rapping (track 13)

Dirty Diamonds is the 24th studio album by Alice Cooper, released on July 4, 2005 internationally, and August 2 in the US. The album was recorded in an astounding 13-day period under the supervision of Steve Lindsey and Rick Boston.

Dirty Diamonds (D.D), just like its predecessor, The Eyes of Alice Cooper, continues with that stripped down, gritty, catchy garage rock vibe, albeit slightly more polished.

Although the garage rock minimalist approach remains virtually unchanged, D.D. is a different beast from its predecessor. First off, the album has a Rolling Stones vibe to it, particularly from their Exile on Main St. album. Second, D.D. is a diverse record, that manages to touch upon just about every musical style in the Coop's vast back catalogue.

If you aren’t too familiar with the Coop’s tongue-in -check lyrics it may take a couple of listens to” get it”, but there is some very good material here. From the AC/DC sounding album opener, Woman of Mass Distraction, the theatrical title track, and the Stones influenced, Perfect, You Make Me Wanna & Sunset Babies (All Have Rabies). But the pièces de résistance goes to The Saga Of Jesse Jane, a bizarre \comical country-western ballad about a cross dressing Trucker sung in faux Johnny Cash voice.

In my opinion, Dirty Diamonds is another solid yet underappreciated release from the king of shock rock. My only minor issue with this album is that for better or for worse, it is all over place, but it makes up for its lack of focus with the pure genius of some of its particular ideas. Recommended.

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