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My Top YouTube Gaming Channels - 4) Pat the NES Punk

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Channel Name: Pat the NES Punk

Host: Pat Contri

Joined: June 20th, 2008


The first time that I saw Pat, it was on Cinemassacre (Angry Video Game Nerd) and I found that he was different. He had a quirky sense of humour. I did not know at the time that he had his own channel. I just thought he was a friend of James and Mike.

Bio and Background

The real name of Pat the NES Punk is Patrick (Pat) Contri. He is first and far most a video game collector. He collects for many systems but he is known for his NES collection. He was born in New Jersey but now resides in San Diego. He has studied Psychology and Anthropology.

Through the years he has had some memorable videos such as Flea Market Madness and he does Let's Play marathons as well for charity.

I first saw him on cinemassacre and then I downloaded his podcast called CUPodcast (Completely Unnecessary Podcast). He does the podcast with Ian Ferguson. This is a cool podcast as they talk about many different topics about games and they do not shy away of giving their true opinions. I really appreciate that. He also uploads snippets of these through his YouTube Channel.

He also has a solo podcast called the Not So Common Podcast. This is mostly interviews with different gaming collectors. He has interviewed Jason from Metal Jesus Rocks, Rich from ReviewTechUSA and more recently he has interviewed Kelsey Lewin. She has her own channel and also appears from time to time on Metal Jesus Rocks videos. If I would describe this podcast, I would say it is the Joe Rogan Experience version but with gaming personalities. The reason for that, is that the interviews are interesting and there is no BS. The host and the guest are honest. You also get a good sense of who the guest is. if you have no clue who the person is, you will feel like you know them well by the time this podcast is finished. He also uploaded these from time to time on his channel.

Last year, he released the Ultimate NIntendo: Guide to the NES Library . This is a comprehensive book on all the games that were released for the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). I have been wanting to buy it for some time now but I did not have the chance to do it. He was also teasing that he might be working on a SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) books as well.

That is Pat in a nutshell. Here is a video from his younger days.

Why do I like Pat the NES Punk YouTube Channel?

First thing that I love is his brand of humour. It may not be for everyone but his videos are informative and funny.

He also has improved a lot over the years. The quality of the videos are much better. I am not talking about cameras. Those obviously improve over time. No, I mean the writing and quality of content in the videos are much better. He was one of the first in this genre. He has been making videos for over 9 years now. In internet years that is like 60!

I like his Flea Market finds and I always look forward to his input and insight on various subjects. He is well spoken and he does not just spew garbage. He has well informed opinions and I always appreciate his point of view.

Most of all, I find him entertaining. With his humour and knowledge of games, he has a great combination for making great videos. He has a wealth of experience doing this for 9 years now.

Here is a more recent video.

You can find him here on interwebs.

Business inquiries:

So that is it for Pat the NES Punk? Do you watch his videos? What do you think about him let me know at the coordinates below.

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