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My Top YouTube Gaming Channels - 3) ReviewTechUSA

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Channel Name: Review Tech USA

Host Name: Richard Masucci

Joined: November 22nd, 2008


The third channel in this series is Richard Masucci's Review Tech USA. I have been a fan for quite a while. I am always stunned that he gets a lot of hate in the comments. He usually speaks his mind and although you may not agree with everything that he says, you know where he is coming from. He always explains where he is coming from.

Bio & Background

Before doing research for this article, I did not know much about Rich and Review Tech USA. I learned that he resides in Carmel, New York. I also learned that he worked with That Guy With The Glasses which is now known as Channel Awesome. After that stint, he started producing more videos on his own YouTube channel.

Rich's channel really has been growing consistently for the most part since 2011. As of the writing of this article he has about 661 000 subscribers. I personally think that it should be more.

When I first started ReviewTechUSA, the videos were mostly of gameplay footage with Rich doing the voiceovers. His face was not shown on screen. For the most part, he would talk mostly about gaming and gaming accessories. Then he started doing more technology videos that also included gaming topics.

ReviewTechUSA Old Video

Recently on the Not So Common podcast with Pat Contri (Pat the NES Punk), Rich admitted that he felt his channel was stale and that he needed to change things up. In fact, that is exactly what he did. He has a new studio and now he is front and centre on every video. In addition, he has 2 screens in the back and a neon blue light in the background. I must admit that I like it. It looks professional.

Since his format change, he seems to be branching out a little bit in terms of content. He does not seem to limit himself to gaming news and tech news. He is branching out into social commentary and his point of view on various current topics happening in the USA. I personally do not mind it as I always look forward to his views but some older subscribers might want to have more gaming related news in their feeds.

However, Rich's endeavours do not stop there. He also does a podcast with Liana Kerzner. The name of the podcast is named The Rich and Red Podcast. You can support them on Patreon if you want to. I must admit that I have not had the chance to listen to the podcast yet, but I am sure that it is great.

Why do I like the ReviewTechUSA Channel?

I liked the channel before the revamp and I still like him today. Yes, I do agree that the topics are a little more varied but who cares? Rich is entertaining to watch and he always backs up his point. You may not agree with him but like I said before, you know where he is coming from.

Very often he puts into words, what I think about a subject. He is very level headed and you see that there is thought that goes into his commentary. I know that it looks like everything is off the cuff, but I am sure there is a lot of preparation that goes into these videos.

Like every good channel, he was able to revamp himself. When he noticed that something had to change he did it. He admitted that he tried a few new things and it had flopped. He was not sure if the last format would have worked. Well I think that it works great. There are too many channels out there that do the same thing and Rich wanted to do something slightly different.

When you have a channel or a website, you should also ask yourself, what added value do I bring to the table. For me, although my writing is not that great, written articles are becoming a lost art. People are drawn more to videos and visual stimulation than reading and thinking about a topic.

Rich decided to do 5 to 10 minute videos that talk about various topics. He is very comfortable in front of the camera. I think he brings honesty to the table. Most channels, you wonder if they are being paid for a review. From what Rich says, he is not bought off by anyone and I know that he is truly honest in front of the camera. How do I know that he is honest? The comments on his channel. People are stuck in their bubble and he bursts that bubble and people do not like that.

Here is a more recent video about Facebook and Twitch getting in on the video action scene.

I always look forward to his videos and I hope that he will continue for a very long time.

If you want to support ReviewTechUSA, this is where you can find him.

The Rich and Red Podcast:

Do you like ReviewTechUSA? let me know your thoughts at the coordinates below.

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