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My Top YouTube Gaming Channels - 2) Gaming Historian

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Channel Name: The Gaming Historian

Channel Link:

Host Name: Norman Caruso

Joined: July 2006


This is the second instalment in my Top Youtube Gaming Channels. This time I am going with the Ken Burns of video gaming. He may not post as often as other channels but he puts a lot of long hours researching and it shows. So let us see who this man is.

Bio and Background

The Gaming Historian has a name. His name is Norman Caruso. He resides in Kansas City and he started his channel in July 2006.

Norman studied History at Elizabeth City State University. Makes sense that he started doing gaming documentaries. He loves video games and he loves history.

Although other gaming channels do look at older games, Norman, does full on documentaries on a certain topic. They can range from 5 to about 15 minutes depending on the topic. However his last endeavour, and one of his best, is the Story of Tetris. It is about an hour long but worth every minute, in my opinion.

What I find impressive is that he started the channel when he was still in school and he has been consistent with his videos.

The first video that I saw from The Gaming Historian is the video on the History of Sonic the Hedgehog. Here is the video fro reference.

History of Sonic the Hedgehog (Part 1)

Why do I Love The Gaming Historian YouTube Channel?

There are so many things to like about this channel. First, the amount of research that goes into every video is insane. The amount of articles he reads and the time that it must take for him to research is intense. Yes, videos are not released at a fast pace, but sometimes, quality is better than quantity.

Norman looks very comfortable in front of the camera. he reminds me of a young version of Peter Graves, from his days on Biography on A&E. He brings a calming presence to the screen. You can see that every line is well thought out but it does not feel robotic.

I really like the topics that he chooses to talk about. They are topics that you rarely see around and it is refreshing. He does not just review games or talk about topics that have been talked about 5000 times. Some of the topics are for example Game Factory: Blockbuster & Sega's On-Demand Game Rentals or SEGA's 3 Biggest Mistakes. You do not see this anywhere else and it is amazing.

The mark of a good or great channel is that at the end of every video, you would want to watch another one and I feel that way with this channel.

Here is another of my favourites from The Gaming Historian.

So that is it. If you want to support The Gaming Historian, below is his Patreon Page:

You can also find him on social media:

Do you like The Gaming Historian? Did you know about this great channel? Let me know what you think at the coordinates below.

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