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My Top YouTube Gaming Channels - 1) Metal Jesus Rocks

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Channel Name: Metal Jesus Rocks

Channel Link:

Host Name: Jason

Joined: April 15, 2006


YouTube has a ton of great content but unfortunately, there are so many channels out there that most of them are drowned in the noise. So I wanted to share my Top 5 Gaming channels. These are not in any particular order. However, I follow these channels every week and I get the notifications right away. I find they are very entertaining and very informative for a gaming geek such as myself.

Bio & Background

The channel that I want to talk about first is Metal Jesus Rocks. I actually found out about this channel very recently but, this channel has been around for quite a few years now. He resides in the Seattle area.

From the Metal Jesus Rocks Youtube bio, he states the following

The Metal Jesus is a long-haired rocker dude who runs a popular YouTube channel dedicated to Retro Gaming with a Heavy Metal soundtrack.

From his intro for his videos, you can see that he loves Metal. The skull flying around and his long hair and pinch. The heavy guitar playing as the soundtrack. Already this channel is kick ass.

However, like most of us, he loves games. The first video that I saw, I found by complete fluke. I was looking for a sample play through of Police Quest 4: Open Season. His video happened to be in the search results. It was a conversation between Jason (Metal Jesus Rocks) and one of his contributors Drunken Master Paul. They were talking about when they were both working at Sierra On-Line. That was such a great 55 minute video. It got me hooked. Here it is for your reference.

WE WORKED AT SIERRA! - The Rise, Fall & SCANDAL of Sierra On-Line

Then I started looking at the rest of the videos. He does videos on every console and system imaginable. However, what I love the most about him, while most retro gamers focus on console games, MJR also looks at PC gems. I am about the same age as him and I see his PC game collection and I love it. There are some games that I thought no one knew about but they pop up in a video on hidden gems or something of that nature.

He does not do it alone. He has a few contributors that you see from time to time on his videos. They are just as fun and knowledgable. Here is a list from the Metal Jesus website.

Drunken Master Paul – The evil genius bent on taking over the world of food, booze, cars, games, music and maniacal devices of all kinds : Twitter: @DrunkenMstrPaul

Bukin’ Bekki – Camera person, assistant producer, drummer and wife of Metal Jesus : Twitter: @RebRocking

Reggie – local Seattle area collector who brings his awesome gaming knowledge and laid back personality to the YouTube channel and videos

Kinsey – loves video games, local beer and burritos! Director of Social Media and PR for the Seattle Retro Gaming Expo, as well as Freelance Games PR. Twitter : @KinsZilla

The Immortal John Hancock – on of the biggest game collectors in North America (over 8,000 games!) as well as one of the coolest dudes on the planet. Twitter: @swlovinist

TheBigJB – Voice Actor, Speaker, Emcee, Christian, Father, Husband, Gamer, Wannabe writer & Occasional DM : Twitter: @VoiceoftheBigJB

There is one person that I thought was a contributor but she does not appear in the contributor list. Her name is Kelsey Lewin. I love her in the videos where she advises how you can spot fake cartridges.

Why do I Love the Metal Jesus Rocks Channel?

Well first of all, the first impression is always the one that stays with you right? I got hooked with the first video that I saw about Jason and Drunken Master Paul. It was right up my alley. I like to learn the behind the scenes stuff of old time gaming companies. How did they run? How was it like? That always intrigued me. They mostly spoke about the great years and the not so great years of Sierra in the 90's.

Second, I really like the videos as they have a great pace to them and are not too long. I love the Hidden Gem videos cause he actually shows games that I probably never heard about or I had forgotten about. Watching one of those videos is usually followed by a 3 hour stint on Wikipedia.

Third, it all comes down to the host right? Jason has a great camera presence and just seems like a guy would want to have a beer with and listen to classic rock. He seems like a natural. I have not looked at his earlier videos. I am sure that over the years, he has matured in front of the camera.

Also, he has a kick ass gaming den. Man I wish I had that space. He is loaded with awesome games. I am just not sure how much more stuff he can fit in there. Studio maybe in the future?

I think overall it is a great experience and he is an awesome host. He cannot do it alone and his band of gaming colleagues are just as entertaining. They all bring something different to the table and it keeps the videos fresh and great to watch. I always look forward to new videos. I personally think that he should have millions of subscribers and not just 500 000.

Here is a more typical video from MJR

You can check out Metal Jesus Rocks on the major social networks. He also has a pretty cool site.

You can also support him on his Patreon page:

Let me know what you think? Did you know about Metal Jesus Rocks? Do you like his stuff. Let me now at the coordinates below.

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