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Top 10 Well Written Rock Songs (Number 2: Never Said Goodbye - Amanda Marshall

Song Name: Never Said Goodbye

Band: Amanda Marshall

Album: Tuesday's Child

Genre: Pop-Rock, Jazz Influence

Release Date: June 22nd, 1999

Written by: Marshall, Bazilian


Amanda Marshall is a Canadian singer and song writer. She has come out with 3 studio albums. Her first 2 albums were a big hit with her self titled debut and her follow up release Tuesday's Child. Her big hits include Let it Rain, Dark Horse and Believe in You. She has gone pretty quiet in the last few years. I believe that she has taken care of her kids. She has played at a few gigs and festivals but there is no studio album in sight. There is very little information found online.

So the song that I picked for my number two song is Never Said Goodbye by Amanda Marshall. This is a song about having a flame from the past and never saying goodbye in a proper way. At the end of the song she realizes that sometimes things are better left unsaid.


I got a friend He lives down in old Albuquerque We used to watch the sun coming up together But he was hungry then And he got restless I heard he took a wife I think her name is Heather

All of a sudden I'm driving in the rain With the Santa Fe horizon Calling out my name Should've done it sooner Now I know it's time 'Cause we said a lot of things baby But we never said goodbye

We were a team We were the best of friends We had a world where no one else could find us The summer passed September came too soon And suddenly that world was all behind us

Driving through the desert With nothing on my mind But the thought of catching up With a ghost I left behind Don't know what I'll do But I know I've got to try 'Cause we said a lot of things baby But we never said goodbye

I drove a thousand miles Chasing a memory But all the pieces of what used to be have scattered And all the little things That used to mean so much I look around me now and see that they don't matter

All of a sudden I'm driving home again 'Cause sometimes goodbye is better left unsaid The Santa Fe horizon will know the reason why I said a lot of things to you But I never said goodbye


What makes this song stand out to me is the jazzy feel to it. It sounds like it was recorded in an empty smoky bar with everyone gone.

The lyrics themselves are very reflective and we have all gone through this at one time or another. It is one of those lessons of life I suppose. A friend or family member that you never really said what you wanted to before things went in a different direction. The song reminds us that sometimes saying nothing can also represent closure.

I have this album on my playlist all the time. I always move back to it as there are some really well written songs. I always liked her as an artist and I hope that she will release an album one day again.

Never Said Goodbye - Amanda Marshall

What do you think of this song? let us know below.

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