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Top 10 Well Written Rock Songs (Number 4: Fear - Bon Jovi)

Song Name: Fear

Band: Bon Jovi

Album: Keep the Faith

Release Date: November 3rd, 1992

Written by: Bon Jovi


I know what you will say. Bon Jovi, really? Is there no other songs that you could have found inspiring or profound? The answer is probably, but there is a song that I particularly always loved from them.

Bon Jovi did have some good albums in the past. I think that their last good album is Keep the Faith. In all honesty, I was always a fan of Ritchie Sambora. His solo albums are amazing. He may have had problems outside of music, but he is one hell of a musician.

Keep the Faith is the last album where I did not say, this sounds like song A from Album B. It was original for the time. I do admit there are the power ballads which can be nauseating at times. However this album has a few gems. One of them is the almost 10 minute song Dry County, I think this one of their best tracks on any album. The one that I have chosen is from this album as well and it is called Fear.

This song is essentially how we constantly live in fear of various things. We live our lives in survival mode without taking a step back and living life. We are told to work hard to enjoy life later, but there is no guarantee that you will be able to enjoy that time. Sometimes it is too late.


I see you looking over your shoulder Tell me who do you think's out there You're reaching for your four leaf clover But baby there ain't no luck down there I swear that there's no heart in this city It's here the slogan reads "Do your time" everybody's doing their sentence It's just there ain't nobody here Who knows just what's the crime I watched my father live a lie here I'd rather die than fade away I read the rules And yeah I know them Still you ain't ever gonna Make me play the game of Fear Fear Fear Fear Running with the rats Through the city Makes you feel like you're A partner in crime Girl once you won't stop to watch That little girl did Hey baby won't you stop and hear me Just being here we're breathing heart attacks We can run and chase The setting sun we can run And we won't ever look back Take my hand I know we'll make it I'll let nothing slow us down I know you want to curse This place but there's only One thing that's stopping us now Fear fear fear Of a new thing Fear fear fear Of the brass ring You ain't one for taking chances You work and live and breathe that 9 to 5 Still that's what you call living That's surviving to me And surviving is living to die in Fear


The lyrics that always stuck with me are the following

You ain't one for taking chances You work and live and breathe that nine to five Still that's what you call living That's surviving to me And surviving is living to die in fear

For me this was true for a while. I would go to School, go to Work, go to Sleep and then repeat cycle. That is not healthy and I think this is what the song is trying to tell us. You always need to take time for yourself and enjoy it. It is not a crime if you do not answer a text or an email within seconds of receiving it.

Many of us have been career oriented. What does that mean? Well in today's society it is to work long hours to show that you care. However you can't have that if you want balance in your life. It is a culture change that some countries and societies embrace and others scoff at.

The song also has a very goodhook to it. I love the music itself. It fits in very well with the lyrics at hand. It is fast paced and rocks hard. Here is the song below.

Fear - Bon Jovi

What do you guys think? Good song or not?

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