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Infiltrate (Atari 2600) Retro Review

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Game Name: Infiltrate

Developer: Apollo Inc.

Publisher: Apollo Inc.

Platforms: Atari 2600


The only reason that i know this game is because my brother had it when I was a kid. This is a rarely spoken about game. The only other time that i have heard about this game is through AtariAge or Lord Karnage. I recently tried this game again to see how it was.


As with most Atari games, you have to let your imaginary go free. Visually this is not a great looking game. See below.

Many Atari games would try to make the graphics look better by adding a ton of colour.

So the goal of the game is to get the vertical bar at the top. When you get it, you have to get it at the bottom and the game just repeats. You try to do this without getting killed by the Q-Bert looking enemies.

The main goal of this game is to get a high score and that is it. You can shoot the enemy but sometimes the controls seem slow to react. I am not sure if this made a difference but I played with a Genesis controller.

There you have it. The is the game in a nutshell. Below you can find some of the game play that I have recorded.

Infiltrate (Atari 2600) - Sample Gameplay


Is this game worth picking up? It is fun in short bursts but I can see how someone could get bored really quickly. Remember this is at a time when points meant something. So you can always try to get your high score but now people do not have a long enough attention span to appreciate such a simple game.

Of course the cover tells more of a story than the game itself. Also, there is a discrepancy. On the cover the agent does not have a hat, yet the sprite in the game seems to have a top hat. I know that it is not much but the little details matter. I will admit that back then, I played the game based on how cool the cover was.

Would I recommend this to anyone? The answer is, probably not. Unless you are a collector, this is one that is not as fun as some other Atari 2600 titles.

Rating: 5 Agent Kills out of 10

Have you played this game? Am i off track with my review? let me know below.

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