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Trackmania: Turbo (XBOX One) Review

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Game Name: Trackmania: Turbo

Developer: Nadeo

Publisher: Ubisoft

Release Date: March 22nd, 2016

Platforms: Windows, Playstation 4 and XBOX One


After the high of playing Wolfenstein II, I did not want to pay for another 80$ game. So I went with a free downloadable game from the Games with Gold collection. Since I like racing games I said what the heck. I have nothing to lose. Let us see how this game is.


The game is an old school arcade kind of game. Not much in terms of customization but you race on different tracks trying to get the best time for that track. Getting a certain number of Gold, Silver or Bronze medals, will open up new tracks.

The game is a regular standard game with the gas (RB) and brakes (LB) and that is it. You just go through each track and try to better yourself each and every time.

What I found cool, is that at the beginning, you get to choose your country and province. This allows the game to give your ranking based on where you are located. I found that to be a nice touch to the game.

The feel of the game is like playing with micro machines. The whole time I thought that I would need to put in 0.25$ to continue the game as I always thought that I was playing in the arcade.

The graphics are good. I was not expecting Forza but in some places I saw some tearing in the video.

There are a few aspects of the game that I was not crazy about. The first thing is that in some parts, when you are going on ramps, the perspective changes. So you go from the behind the car view to the behind the wheel view. That is ok going into, however i find that it was distracting and making it harder when coming out of those ramp loops. It seems often I lost control and I would not need to if I was just able to adjust accordingly.

I also found the ghosts annoying. So when you play and you are trying to beat your time or get silver or gold, the game shows you the ghost of the better time. So essentially, you get to see how well that you are doing against the better time. However, I always hated these features as far back as Project Gotham on my original XBOX. I wish there was a way to turn it off. may be I just did not play around with the game enough to get this feature turned off. Let me know in the comments if this is the case.

Below you will find some gameplay that I recorded on Twitch.


Would I recommend this game to anyone? In short it is a poor man's Forza or Project Gotham. It has more tracks yes but in the end it is an arcade racer. This is also great if you have kids or younger cousins. This could keep them entertained and there is no violence.

It is a fun game to just pick up and play. However, I often had problems sticking with the game for a long period of time. it seems to always be the same thing repeating. At least the mechanics feel repetitive. I cannot complain too much as this game was free and for that, it is worth it. I would not pay more than 20$ in the XBOX Store or PSN Store.

Rating: 6.5 drifts out of 10

What do you think? Is this a good game in your eyes?

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