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Top 10 Well Written Rock Songs (Number 9: Everything Under the Sun - Extreme)

Song Name: Everything Under the Sun: Rise 'N Shine, Am I Ever Gonna Change and Who Cares?

Band: Extreme

Album: III Sides To Every Story

Release Date: September 22nd, 1992

Genre: Funk Metal, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal


So for the ninth entry in this countdown, I have chosen a song I think is done by one of the more underrated groups. Extreme has been mostly known for their ballad More than Words. They are a band from Boston with Gary Cherone as the singer and Nuno Bettencourt as the Lead Guitarist. I was a fan since their very first album Extreme. Although they sounded very 80's, they had a harmony when singing that was really nice. The sound quality of the subsequent album Pornograffitti was vastly improved and it showcased their sound even more.

However, I chose a trilogy of songs from their third album, III Sides To Every Story. I have written previously about this album in a recent review, I think this is one of their best albums and also one of the best albums out there. The songs although are 3 separate parts, you cannot listen to them individually. as this would lose the impact of their meaning.

I believe that I explained the meaning of this song best in my previous review.

Everything Under the Sun (Truth)

The Truth is basically a masterpiece. Depending on the album purchased, some will have it as 3 tracks and others will have it as only 1. In the end it does not matter because it is a 22 minute awesome piece of music. Nuno Bettencourt arranged all of the string arrangements. The writing is very strong and the accompanying music goes perfect with it. The way that I interpret this opus is the following. "Rise 'N Shine" is the positivity of when you wake up. The song actually starts with a music box like when one is sleeping and then when the music starts, it is when the person wakes up. No matter how negative the world can get, there is always a silver lining.

The second part, "Am I Ever Gonna Change" is about one questioning about the choices that one makes and in being truthful in what we say and do. Throughout our everyday, we always try to be better, but sometimes we lie to ourselves to make ourselves feel better. Does it actually work? You can feel the pain in the voice of Gary Cherone.

The third part, "Who Cares" is like after a long days work, you get to reflect on your day. In the end, who does care about your problems and troubles, not many people. Then it ends with the music box which is fitting, if you think about going back to bed to start all over again the following day.

In addition to that the music is exceptional. It takes parts of rock, Progressive rock and classical and puts it together really nicely. Although all 3 parts are 22 minutes, it never feels that way to me. Every time, I am drawn in and go with the journey. I can never listen to just one track. I always have to listen to all three as they go so well together.


I explained above pretty well how I interpreted the lyrics to this song and why I also love the arrangements. Why did I put it as my number 9 song?

The reason is simple, this song describes each and everyone of us at some point in our lives. There are times where we are hopeful. There are times where we question what is right, wrong and how we can change. We also have times where we reflect on past experiences.

Also the music is in tune with what the feeling of that particular part. The heaviest part of the song is the part where Gary Cherone contemplates if he should change and why he does not. It is struggle within himself.

Below is the full 22 minute piece of Everything Under the Sun. Hope that you enjoy!

Everything Under the Sun - Extreme

What do you think? Do you like these songs?

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