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Top 10 Well Written Rock Songs (Number 10: Stronger Now - Warrant)

Song Name: Stronger Now

Artist: Warrant

Written: Jani Lane

Album: Ultraphobic

Release Date: March 7th, 1995

Genre: Heavy Metal / Hard Rock


I wanted to give you a Top 10 list of rock songs that I always thought were well written. I know that the list will probably not include many of the great written songs, but that is ok. There have been many great songs written in history but these are the ones that I listened to through the years and that still resonate with me in some kind of way. Let us begin with number 10.


Warrant is a band which was from the 80's and early 90's. They were considered a hair band. They were mostly known for their party anthems such as Cherry Pie or their ballads like Heaven. However in the early 1990's, many hair bands started changing their sound. They wanted to sound more grunge and alternative as this was the popular sound at that time. For Warrant, this was their first album where you see a noticeable change in their sound. The lyrics were getting darker and the sound was more grunge and less mainstream rock.

I could have chosen many songs from the Warrant repertoire. One of their best albums is Dog Eat Dog. This is where I really discovered this band. By Ultraphobic their sound had changed, I really liked the album although it was not a mainstream success. Yes it was darker but the way the songs were written, you can feel the emotion in Jani Lane's voice There is the stereotypical power ballad in High. Chameleon is also a song that I always really loved. However this is not the song that I chose as my number 10. The number 10 choice goes to the last song on Ultraphobic, called Stronger Now.

Stronger Now is about someone who is contemplating breaking up with their partner. The more that they seem to be together, the more he feels that they are further apart. However he is contemplating if letting go of the person is worth the pain. In the end, he does break up with his significant other and he thought that it would be impossible to get through it. He did get through it and he is stronger now.


I held you for a moment in my hands The moment with you slipped away like sand Through my fingers now In front of me a choice I have to make To carry on or simply fade away I lose you either way I'd like to say that it was easy, it was hard To say goodbye, I thought that I would die

Chorus Letting go of you, was so hard to And I thought that it would kill me but I made It through somehow, and I'm so much stronger now

I gave to you my love and my respect But I could never make you love me back I denied it so I grew bitter watching you grow cold My life became your prison, took it's toll I decided Like a bird that's trapped Inside a gilded cage It's hard to set it free Hurts to watch it Fly away


There are a few reasons why I really love this song. The first one is the very simple arrangements. Although the rest of the album may seem forced in some places, they were trying to have a pop alternative/grunge sound which did not always fully work. This song brings it back to the basics. It is the instrument with just the power of the words.

The second reason for me is the song lyrics. Although the song is written in terms of a breakup, the chorus always resonated with me. It is relevant no matter what hard times someone experiences.


Letting go of you, was so hard to And I thought that it would kill me but I made It through somehow, and I'm so much stronger now

The above words always got me through dark times in my life. No matter if it is the death of someone close, a break up or even a fallen friendship, there are always better times ahead. Sometimes we lose sight of that in our daily lives. When we are in those situations, it is difficult to look outside of our bubble. This song always reminds me that things always get better. even though this song is on a last track of the album, it is still one that I listen to all the time.

Stronger Now - Warrant

Let us know what you think. Do you like this song?

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