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Black Country Communion - BCCIV (2017)

Black Country Communion, ‘BCCIV’ Track Listing

1.Collide 2.Over My Head 3.The Last Song For My Resting Place

4.Sway 5.The Cove 6.The Crow 7.Wanderlust

8.Love Remains 9.Awake 10.When The Morning Comes

11.With You I Go (Bonus track on vinyl edition)

After five long years, supergroup Black Country Communion has returned with their fourth studio album, appropriately titled BCCIV. The album is available in CD and vinyl formats as well as digital download and streaming.

For those of you not in know, Black Country Communion (BCC) is composed of vocalist/bassist Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple, Trapeze), drummer Jason Bonham (Led Zeppelin Experience, Foreigner), keyboardist Derek Sherinian (Dream Theatre) and blues-rock vocalist/guitarist Joe Bonamassa.

BBC is one of the last true supergroups out there, trying to keep rock n’ roll alive. This latest release will surely please not only rock and BCC fans, but music fans in general because it gives them what they want and expect. BCCIV continues to highlight the band’s appreciation of that classic rock sound, whilst at the same time moving forward by giving the album a bit of a contemporary twist. BCCIV is not an album simply built around nostalgia, but that of one where four amazing musicians with talent and passion, have effortlessly merged their classic rock sensibilities/influences into the present-day rock scene. There's a real melting pot of sounds, styles and influences that make BCCIV a great record.

Producer extraordinaire, Kevin Shirley (Journey, Black Star Riders, Iron Maiden, John Hiatt) does a terrific job in delivering an album that sounds fantastic, with crisp and clear production that lets the natural power of the music shine through.

BCCIV kicks off with Collide; a song that has a “modern Led Zeppelin” vibe that reels the listener in and successfully announces the band is back and means business. The second track, Over My Head, gives the listener a bit of a break from the colossal album opener and has a catchy radio friendly sound that will have you humming along to the chorus. Then, when you think you’ve got the album figured out, here comes the epic 7 plus minute song, The Last Song for My Resting Place. The song tells the story of violinist, Wallace Hartley who played on as the Titanic was sinking, offering comfort until the end. The song is simply a mini opera built around acoustic/electric guitars, mandolins, fiddles and Hughes/Bonamassa’s harmonies. This is truly the highlight of the album. It is simply one of the most stunning songs to be recorded by BCC. After all this however, the highlights just keep coming with the hard rocker, The Crow and The Allman Brothers southern rock influenced epic album closer, When the Morning Comes.

BCCIV is simply a great album from start to finish. Everyone on board is firing on all cylinders to bring the very best out of each other and in turn making all the songs memorable. There are only two minor set backs with BCCIV. The first, it does take a few listens before the songs reveal themselves to the listener. The second, if you simply listen to the album through your computer, you miss out on the musicianship. You really need a good set of headphones or a stereo system to really appreciate the album.

BCCIV proves that the band is back, unified and better than ever, highly recommended.

You can purchase Black Country Communion , BCCIV here at the Aroundtable Store.

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