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The Avengers Movie Saga Gio's Way (Part 2)

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

These are great times to be a Superhero fan. We see our childhood heroes come to life (and looking very realistic) on the silver screen. I have been a fan of comic books since I was a kid, and I never grew out of it. I love how the graphics and the words interact together. In my opinion, it is the best form of entertainment after a movie.

The Avengers are one of the most Iconic Superhero Stories that has been created, and one of my favorites. However, in my opinion, the adaptation of the comic books to the screenplay has not been my cup of tea, or in other words could have been done much, much better. For that reason, I decided to write my own take on how the Avengers should have been done.

Before we get into The Avengers Movie Saga Gio’s Way Part 2, for those who have missed it when it was published or want a refresher, you can find it here in its entirety. In summary, Part 1 finishes with the Avengers focusing on their number one priority: the destruction of Ultron.

Now lets get into Part 2 ….

The Avengers

The Avengers (Part 2)

The Quinjet landed on the roof of a secret Hydra Base which is located somewhere on the west coast of America. This is not any ordinary base. It is a floating airbase. The Quinjet lands without any Hydra resistance. Captain America, Hawkeye and The Scarlet Witch come out of the Quinjet ready to fight. To their astonishment, all of Hydra’s first line of defence weapons and soldiers are out of commission or destroyed. Captain America heard more fighting inside the base as he notices from afar that a new Ultron with a more powerful humanoid form is floating around. His waist is attached to a metal cube that gives him the ability to float and move with ease. He calls himself Ultron 4.

Ultron 4 goes through the Hydra’s soldiers and their powerful weapons as if it was just a distraction. Captain America throws his shield with full force and Hawkeye also released a bunch of high technology arrows at Ultron 4. The shield just bounces off Ultron 4’s body with no damage. As for Hawkeye’s arrows, they were all destroyed in midflight by a hooded super villain lurking in the shadows as he threw his shield at Hawkeye which was deflected by Captain America’s shield. Ultron 4 instructed The Taskmaster to take the package to their master. Taskmaster has an advantage over his enemies. The Avengers do not know how he looks like. Taskmaster threw smoke bombs as he crashes through the thick window singing aloud “Mockingbird where are you?”. Hawkeye reaches the window. As he is about to fire one of his arrows at Taskmaster, a hi-tech stick deflects it. Taskmaster then landed on Mockingbird’s hoover cycle with her stick returning right into her hands. This got Hawkeye angry yet impressed by the blond hair Mockingbird as Taskmaster and Mockingbird both escaped and disappeared in the clouds.

Back inside the secret Hydra base, Captain America feels that the Scarlet Witch was close enough to Ultron 4 so that she can release her magic power to destroy him. A few days ago, Hank Pym said that The Avengers can only damage or destroy Ultron once, because the next Ultron will adapt and can’t be destroyed the same way twice. Ultron already knows all of Hawkeye’s different arrows and Captain America’s special shield however was never confronted by Scarlet Witch’s powers….

Meanwhile at the same time, a second break-in attack is underway at a Stark warehouse located somewhere in Northeast America. As Iron-Man and Black Widow approaches the scene, at the last second Iron-Man had to dodge a wrecking ball in midflight as Black Widow got confronted by a super villain named Baron Zemo. In the background stands a more powerful Ultron 5 who has legs and is ready to leave with the stolen hardware. However as soon as Ultron 5 was about to take-off, Iron-Man fires his new energy ray at Ultron 5 only damaging his jets. Ultron 5 turns around and instructs both Absorbing-Man and Baron Zemo to take the Stark hardware and bring it back to their master as he will deal with the Avengers. Iron-Man fires the same ray to destroy Ultron 5, however Ultron 5 was able to adjust his forcefield. Iron-Man’s ray caused Ultron 5 only minor damage. Black Widow looks at Iron-Man and reminds him what Dr. Hank Pym had said about second shoots on all Ultrons: they are useless. At the same time, Black Widow fires a small metal capsule right at Ultron’s cracked leg, followed by Iron-Man firing his energy ray the first time at the same target. As the capsule hits Ultron 5 leg, it releases a special Ultron nitrogen gel compound created by Hank Pym. Ultron 5 then brakes into million pieces when Iron-Man rams right through him. A few seconds later Iron-Man scans say that both Absorbing-Man and Baron Zemo are nowhere within scanning range.

Simultaneously, a Third break-in is in progress at the S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters in New York City as Thor, Wasp and Ant-Man are at the scene. As soon as Thor perceives Ultron, he whips his hammer at full force however a green energy staff deflects it. The hammer is held in a shiny green energy by bald Asian Man. Ultron 6 tells him to take the crate and bring it to their master for this fight with Thor is now personal for him. Ultron 6 appears to be a lot more powerful then Ultron 5 as he fires his rays at all three Avengers. Ultron 6 is also able to fight Thor’s physical power however still not his equal yet. While fighting Ultron 6, Thor found that Wasp’s power was useful against Ultron 6 for she could adjust her sting ray into a dozen different energy signatures to confuse Ultron 6. Thor found that Ant-Man’s power was useless in the fight against Ultron 6. In the fight, Thor and Wasp was able to create cracks in Ultron 6 armor as Ant-Man heads right into Ultron’s body. Ultron 6 laughs for he finds Ant-Man mission to go inside his armor is a suicide one for Ultron 6 has all the weapons within to deal with Ant-Man and even Wasp. At that very moment, sparks and cracks start forming all around Ultron 6 as he is screaming in pain as his body explodes however with no explosion noise. In the smoke where Ultron 6 stood, you hear Hank Pym’s voice as he said, “Oh your right Ultron 6! Your self-defence inside was able to stop and also kill Ant-Man however not Goliath”.

Back at the Avengers headquarters, Hawkeye, Black Widow and Ant-Man were all able to activate the trackers on all the stolen hardware. It was now time to confront Ultron and his hired help The Master of Evil. The Avengers will leave in their Quinjet and will reach there before the Shield force. Nick Fury and the Shield Hovercraft are headed to the same destination however will arrive much later. They will do whatever it takes to take down Ultron and The Master of Evil if The Avengers can not complete their mission.

Master of Evil

When the Quinjet arrived at their destination, they were surprised to find that all 5 members of the Master of Evil were outside just waiting for the Avengers to arrive. Before landing, both Thor and Iron-Man were sent outside as reinforcements as the Quinjet forcefield was at maximum. However, no weapons were fired and The Master of Evil just stood there waiting. Captain America approached Baron Zemo who appeared to be the leader of the group. Baron Zemo looked at Captain America and told him that he was not the leader of The Master of Evil as he threw the 3 trackers at him. Captain America continued to look at who of the other 4 members could be the leader. Two powerful energy rays fired from ground level at Thor and Iron-Man as they were both hit and easily out for a few seconds. The rays were fired from a humanoid form who rose from the ground looking like a green, red and yellow ghostly figure as he stood above the Avengers as the sixth memeber of the Masters of Evil. He was the leader of the Master of Evil and his given name is the Vision. Their mission is to protect their Master which means kill The Avengers.

Captain America cautioned everyone to be on defence mode until Thor and Iron-Man get their second breath. Hawkeye in the Quinjet fires all of their available weapons on them, and rams the Quinjet toward the big three powerhouses: Vision, Radioactive Man and Absorbing Man. The Quinjet went through Vision. However Absorbing Man and Radioactive Man aren’t so lucky as they get buried under the scraped Quinjet. This leaves Captain America, Scarlet Witch, Wasp, Black Widow and Goliath have to face only Vision, Baron Zemo, Mockingbird and The Taskmaster. However, the Quinjet is thrown aside like a big garbage bag, as Absorbing Man and Radioactive Man are ready to join the fight. At that moment, a hammer hits Radioactive Man and Goliath heads towards Absorbing Man as Iron-Man takes on the Vision. Absorbing Man sees Ant-Man heading towards him “just because you changed your costume Mr. Ant-Man this will not be a David and Goliath story”.

The Ant-Man replied: “no, it will change because Goliath will win this time”. As Hank Pym becomes a 50 feet giant as he rams his fist down on Absorbing Man. Absorbing Man gets up as he says “my wrecking ball is going to be one hell of a slingshot”. Before he can whip it at Goliath, the Wasp fires her ray into his ear. The fight between The Avengers and The Master of Evil is evenly matched. Captain America is looking for the edge to win as he tells Scarlet Witch to release her magic on the Vision for Iron-Man needs to go on the offensive. Scarlet Witch’s rays hits Vision, however he was able to turn solid like a diamond, demonstrating that he was still close to full force. As the Vision turns toward Scarlet Witch ready to release his forehead energy ray to kill, he just oddly looked and stared at her. As memories of the past came rushing back to the Vision, and he said “Wanda?”.

Not knowing what was happening, Iron-Man took that opening as he blasted Vision with everything he had as he crashed inside the warehouse. A few seconds later, a powerful blow is heard as the Vision dashed right out between the two teams as he tells The Master of Evil that Ultron’s only goal is the extinction of the human race. All his teammates stop fighting the Avengers for that was unknown to them. Then two more powerful Ultrons arrive as they say “I hope humans are more useful than a hybrid robot (Vision) to kill the Avengers”. However, The Master of Evil and the Avengers attack Ultron 8 and Ultron 9 and realize these Ultron’s are more powerful then all the older ones combined. A few minutes later two arrows hit both Ultron 8 and 9 as they laughed for their new bodies are easily able to resist any new special nitrogen gel formulas created by Hank Pym. Goliath looks at the Ultrons to inform them that the nitrogen was replaced with a special metal from Wakanda called Vibranium. They knew what Vibranium can do to any metal. They knew they were doomed. This resulted in Ultron 8 and 9 decided to self-destruct themselves and the Vision so that the Avengers would not be able to get any information on how to find Ultron 10’s secret base. Captain America asked Scarlet Witch to put a time stopper spell on the Vision, because they need to know where is Ultron 10. After the big self-destruct explosion, all the Master of Evil disappeared except Mockingbird just sitting on her hovercycle, because she was a secret undercover agent of Europe.

Most of the Avengers are inside the Shield Hovercraft with Mockingbird in lock up until proof is shown that she in fact a European Agent. As for the Vision, he is on a metal bed in Hank and Janet’s lab. While Captain America and the Avengers are walking in the hallway, they receive a call from Iron-Man that went like this:

Iron-Man: Hey Caps just tell Hank and Janet that I am a few minutes away from the Shield Hovercraft and I brought the device that will make it a breeze to extract the self- destruct component from the Vision. Then we can have Scarlet Witch reverse the spell so we can get all the information of Ultron 10 whereabout. Hey Caps are you still there?

Captain America: Oh sorry my mind is still on 7.

Iron-Man: Wait did I just hear the number 7! Why has # 7 got you so puzzled up?

Captain America: I am talking about Ultron 7. None of us including any Shield Agent has confronted any Ultron 7.

Iron-Man: Maybe it got destroyed or it was malfunctioning? Hello Caps are you still there, hey Caps!

At that moment, a huge explosion is heard as Iron-Man sees that the Hovercraft is engulfed by explosive energy and metal debris falling everywhere as a damaged jet just rams Iron-Man. At the same time, in a unknown secret base, you see a metal head with 6 fire red eyes saying: “rest in peace Dad and the rest of the Avengers”, followed by an eerie metal laughter.

PROLOGUE (Sneak peak of Upcoming Articles)

Prologue #1: In deep outer space, a Kree ship is making his final jump towards his destination: “EARTH”. While behind the Kree’s spaceship is another smaller ship in stealth mode as the pilot calls his master Thanos for new orders. The pilot’s next order is to follow it for it is Thanos job to kill the Kree.

Prologue #2: Something is happening on the ground in the back of the warehouse of where The Master of Evil just fought the Avengers and were Loki buried his mystical amulet. The ground is shaking and moving as the earth gets thrown away by a burst of dark energy. Arising from the ground is a male human form. He walked inside the warehouse and grabbed some clothes including the leather trench coat of the Taskmaster. With dark energy coming out of his eyes he says “For Loki, I will kill all the Avengers but especially you Thor”.


I want to hear from you. You can leave your comments here, on Facebook or on Twitter. Let me know what you liked, disliked, or what you would just leave as is. If you want to brush up on the original Avenger comic book stories, you can purchase them here.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of The Avengers Movie Saga (Gio’s Way) coming out soon!!!!

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