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MacGyver (Season 4) Review

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Name of Show: MacGyver

Genre: Action and Adventure

Executive Producer: Henry Wrinkler, John Rich

Created by: Lee David Zlotoff

Aired Dates (Season 4): October 31st, 1988 to May 15th, 1989


I decided to break this season up because it was the middle season and you can slowly see the change in the direction of the show. You can see that the international spy stuff was not going to be the main stage and that the more domestic issues would be more prominent. It does not take away from the quality of the shows. I think that the shows are still relatively strong.

Memorable Episodes

Blood Brothers (Season 4):

The memorable part of this show is why MacGyver does not like guns. When he was a kid, his friends and him were playing with a gun. After an accident, one of his friends was shot and died. These are shown through flashbacks. The actual plot of the show is that sons of his old time friends, are mixed up in some drugs and gang related violence. MacGyver is there to help them out. I put this here is because until now, every time he saw a gun he would look distraught and this episode explained this. Even though this aspect is not the full focus of the show, it is still memorable and an episode that is hard to forget. The ending is also touching as well.

The Survivors (Season 4):

This episode is cool as you can really see the chemistry between Dana and Richard Dean Anderson. Pete has to go through a recertification program that MacGyver helped to develop. Obviously, Pete is a little out of shape and is struggling to get through the course. While this is happening they find an abandoned plane with drugs in it. Needless to say, the encounter with the smugglers helped Pete get recertification. This is just a fun episode with some good comedy relief. I like the fact that they play on the fact that Pete is not in the same shape as he was in years past. Really worth the watch.

Deadly Dreams (Season 4):

This episode is about a psycho killer that is behind bars trying to kill the agent or cop that has caught him. The general plot is not out of the ordinary. However what I like about it is that the show tried to go the intellectual route.. Instead of big explosions, it is an episode that focuses on mind games. Basically it matches wits vs. wits. Very well written and I like the fact that it is not the last time that we see this killer.

Weakest Episodes

The Secret of Parker House (Season 4):

This is another episode with Penny Parker and this time she inherits a new house from her uncle. During the episode it is believed that the house is haunted. However, they find a skull in the back yard. After looking around they find a diary and the rest is pretty much piecing everything together to find the true killer of her Aunt Betty. Again, Penny is energetic and naive. There was not much in this episode that is really memorable. even the Macgyverism's are not that great. Not a classic for sure.

The Battle of Tommy Giordano (Season 4):

Back in the 80's, I remember a lot of shows that always incorporated a mobster angle of some sort. This is MacGyver's version. Basically Richard, a mobster, loses custody of his son. So he decides to kidnap him and bring him to Canada to his Uncle Joe's ranch. MacGyver and his mother go after Tommy to try and rescue him. I do not think that this is one of the better written episodes and it falls flat. The kid is cute but, I did not really feel for the story and it just felt like a subpar episode.

The Outsiders (Season 4):

In this episode, an Amish family is about to get kicked off their land, so that new developments can be built. Obviously, since they are Amish, they do not use technology and are standing on principle alone. MacGyver while driving gets a flat tire and crashes. The Amish family, help him to get better. At the same time, he helps the amish resist. There are a few good moments in this episode but it is another episode where the heart is in the right place but the story is a little unrealistic. It is nice to see families (Amish and Non-Amish) help each other. The episode feels to idealistic. It is an ok episode but not one of the best.


So there you have it season 4 review. It is a middle of the pack season, not just in number, but in quality. There are some really strong episodes but this is the first season that you feel that they were looking for stories to write.

Also, after watching 4 seasons, where does the Phoenix Foundation get its funding. It seems to always have money and is ready to help all these causes. Pete sometimes says one liners says that the board have to approve the funding but it is always approved.

Let me know what you think below.




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