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Racket Attack (NES) Review

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Game Name: Racket Attack

Developer: TOSE

Publisher: Jaleco Entertainment

Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System

Release Date: October 1, 1988


I played this game very late in the NES game cycle. Until this point the only tennis game that I played was the NES Tennis game. Although fun, it was very basic. Jaleco, had a reputation for creating pretty good sports games back in the day. I used to play Bases Loaded and I loved it. Let us see how this game is after all of these years. Man it has been almost 30 years that Racket Attack has been released. That is insane.


Well if you have ever seen tennis on TV or played tennis, you know what this game is about. Essentially, tennis is the natural progression from pong, which was flat tennis.

First of all I have to say that I love the theme song for this game. It is so catchy, from the theme to the interludes used between points or sets.

I loved the sounds in the game. from the actual words used like "Out", "Advantage Receiver" and "40-15". For some reason there was something appealing about that.

The gameplay is pretty standard. You can choose to play as a woman or a man. The gameplay does not really change picking one or the other. You start by picking one or 2 players. Then you can play or profile. If you select play, you will be able to choose a character that you use to play with. The first match is easier and then it gets more and more difficult. If you select profile, you can enter a password to continue your career.

Sample Gameplay


Does this game hold up? I think that it does. There are a few issues with glitches here and there, but other than that it is still fun. I actually played it recently and I still had fun with it. You cannot play a whole career in one sitting but one game is great to just pick up and play. It takes about 30 minutes per match.

For me, the theme is still catchy as hell. I listen to it once and I get it stuck in my head. Sound and music for me in games is very important and this is no different.

The controls I think are fine. Sometimes, I will admit that you do not know if you will hit it with the side swing or over the head. But in general you adjust to the pattern and you eventually get the hang of it.

I would still recommend it today to anyone that likes tennis and I am sure people will still have fun today.

Ratings: 8 faults out of 10

Let me know what you think? I know some people do not like this game. Let me know.

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