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E3 2017: Playstation Presentation

Updated: Nov 20, 2022


I am expecting some God of War and Spiderman announcements. There is potential for a great conference here. Let us see if it lives up to the expectations. I am not a PS4 owner and I wonder if this would sway me to get a new system.

Uncharted: Lost Legacy

This game looks awesome as expected. I like the fact that they are focusing on a female lead this time. It does look slick and I am sure it is as fun as it is to play.

Uncharted: Lost Legacy Trailer

Horizon: Zero Dawn The Frozen Wilds Expansion Pack

This is for the owners of this game. I have heard only great things about this game. I hope to play it at some point. Not sure that it will ever be ported as it is an exclusive now.

Horizon: Zero Dawn The Frozen Wilds Expansion Pack Trailer

Days Gone

I had heard about the game before but there was not much out there. This time we got to see some gameplay. It does look good but I am not sure how original this is. Seems to have similar mechanics or feel to Assassin's Creed. We shall see how that unfolds.

Days Gone Trailer

Monster Hunter World

This is not an exclusive game as it will be released on PS4, XBOX One and PC. I do not really have any attachment to this game. Just looks like another 400 hour game that I just do not have the time for. I am sure there are people that will like it but I guess it is just not my cup of coffee.

Monster Hunter World Trailer

Shadow of Colossus

I was not expecting this. This the game we all know and love and it seems that it has been remade in HD.It does look awesome from the trailer. That is awesome for fans of the game. I think that this is sleeper announcement.

Shadow of Colossus Trailer

Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite

This looks cool. Not sure that many people were super excited to see this but it was a nice trailer. This is available on other platforms as well. So nothing for PS4 fans to go crazy about. But it was a nice demo. It will be available on September 19th, 2017.

Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Trailer

Call of Duty: WWII

So this is Call of Duty. People will buy the game no matter what, This is the FPS version of Madden. Is it me or does it look like we played this last year? :)

Call of Duty: WWII Trailer


So I do not own a Playstation VR and as I have mentioned on my podcast previously, I am not planning on getting any VR for a while. At least until they perfect the technology. Having said that, there are a few games that I saw previously that looked pretty good. Here is the part that Playstation promotes this feature.

Elder Scrolls V on PSVR

The problem with showing footage for VR is that it looks like any other game, For a proper demo we would need to try the game which is not something that is done often.

Elder Scrolls V PSVR Trailer

Star Child

This is a weird one. Looks like a platformer in VR. I am not sure how I would like to play this kind of game in VR, The whole point of VR is having the point of view of the character. It may be very well fun and I would have been wrong.

Star Child Trailer

The Inpatient

When looking at the first few seconds of the trailer, I thought it was a Fallout 4 demo. However it seems that it is a completely new game. I really like the atmosphere of the game. Looks really cool to play. This is one I would try if I had a PSVR.

The Inpatient Trailer

Final Fantasy XV - Monster of the Deep

This one I do not understand at all. A Final Fantasy XV fishing game. I do not know who this is geared to.

Final Fantasy XV - Monster of the Deep

Bravo Team

This does not look like anything that we have not played before. I think that the genre has been saturated. The regular Call of Duties and Battlefield 1, already have this field. Not sure that this will have a lot of appeal. Yes it is on VR but that does not change my comment above much.

Bravo Team Trailer


This looks like a cute game but again it is a platformer in VR. I just do not see me having fun in VR. If it was a standard game I would give it a try. Getting released in 2018.

Moss Trailer

God of War

So this was one of the most anticipated games to be demoed this year. People were hoping for it and they got it. I ahve always loved this series and I would love to be able to play this game. The graphics look crisp. I am sure that the gameplay is fun as well. I hope to play it at some point. May be in a Walmart on display. :) I liked how they show seriousness but also some humour. This is definitely my cup of coffee! :) Early 2018 release date.

God of War Trailer


This seems to be this years Deus Ex. A fight between robots and humans and their troubles. Robots always intrigued people. Looks good and polished but it looked more like a cinematic movie than gameplay. Time will tell if it is a good game.

Detroit Trailer

Destiny 2

Another Destiny 2 Trailer. I was not a fan of the first one. I may try Destiny 2 but right now I am not really attracted by this game. Also, I suck at multiplayer which does not help. I know that I am in the minority here. Release date is for September 6th, 2017.

Destiny 2 Trailer


This game looked awesome before and looked even better now. It reminds me of the first Tobey McGuire game where you can swing all over the place. The game was not great but it was fun. This one looks great and looks like the gameplay is very fun. I would love to play this game for like half an hour to see how open the world is. It is a shame that it is not coming to XBOX One or on PC as it could probably run better and look a little better as well. I think there is a reason that it was last and this one looks really good.

Spider-Man Trailer


Talk about straight to the point. Other than the beginning that was an interlude, I think I heard about 50 words. The rest was straight demos. This was straight and to the point. The did emphasize the fact that games is where the fun is. Essentially saying we do nto have anything new on the hardware front this year which is fine.

I do not think that this was Playstation's strongest E3 conference. However, they do not have to be. They have their own conference at PSX (Playstation Expo). There are some great games coming like Spider-Man and God of War. There are a few head scratchers on there like the Final Fantasy Fishing game. That will not get new people to like VR. I would have liked to see Fallout 4 VR demoed here.

I think it was a middle of the pack presentation that did not wow me in any way. The way that I look at any conference is, did this company do enough to sway me to buy their product. The only games that would do it for me is God of War and Spider-Man. Not sure that the rest of the lineup here is enough to get to switch or purchase a new machine. Most of these were leaked or presented before as well. May be with a little more footage.

So all in all, like every other conference there was some good and some bad. Nothing to run home about.

Let me know what you think? Did this Playstation presentation do it for you or was it weak? Let me know at the coordinates below.

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