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E3 2017: Nintendo Presentation

Updated: Nov 20, 2022


Nintendo last year did not have anything to present except for a brand new Zelda called Breadth of the Wild. Apparently the lineups were insane to try out the game at E3 2016. The problem is that they had their own conference in January to announce the Switch and it seems like a lot of the news leaked out before E3 like the online service. We know that Mario will be available to play at E3 and there will be new footage. That was already established months ago. So let us see what they have in store this year,

Xenoblade 2

So this is a JRPG (Japanese Role Playing Game). It does look good but did not really show much more than we have already seen before in terms of gameplay. Some of the dubbing looked off. I hope that the gameplay is fun. This could be the next game that people would play after Zelda.

Xenoblade 2 Trailer


So this was unexpected from me. A new Kirby game. I have not played this in a very long time. It just looks like the next iteration of a Kirby game which is awesome. Looks fun. It is my kind of game.

Kirby Trailer

Pokemon RPG

As a person that never really got into Pokemon (I know blasphemy!!), I can't say that this did anything for me. Also they say that it will be available in over a year. I guess there is a such a demand for anew good Pokemon game that they are hoping this will ease their pain.

Pokemon RPG Trailer

Metroid Prime 4

So the day has come. They did it. They announced one of the most anticipated games for Nintendo. There was very little information about it. In fact it was pretty much a title. So this will not be available until next year and that is fine. As long as it is done well, I have no issues with it.

Metroid Prime 4 "Trailer"


Another one of my favourite characters for Nintendo is Yoshi. This could be a fun platformer. The gameplay looked familiar and I like it cause families can play together as it is a family friendly game.

Yoshi Trailer

Zelda: Breadth of the Wild DLC

We knew that this was coming. So for gamers that finished the game, they will have more game to play. The first of the expansions is coming out June 30th, 2017. To be honest, if you are not sold on this game, you will never be. I am not sure why they still show the Wii U logo. They should just focus on the Switch logo in my opinion.

Zelda: Breadth of the Wild DLC Trailer

Rocket League on Switch

The announcement itself is not big news. However, cross platform play is available across every platform except Playstation. There are some exclusive skins for Switch owners. The have done this on other platforms as well.

Rocket League on Switch

Super Mario Odyssey

So this is the game that I was personally looking forward to. I have not jumped on every Mario bandwagon but I am on this one. The worlds look so out there. They seem to bring their own personality. Then you add Mario and friends to the mix and you have the brand new Mario game. For some Breadth of the Wild was the game that got them to buy the system. For me, I would buy it for this alone.

Super Mario Odyssey


This was better than last year when they only had one game. Metroid was a sweet surprise. As much as it will not be available soon, you know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. They will release it sooner rather than later.

Mario looked great and I think I would enjoy buying it. The Rocket League announcement was a quiet but significant one. They literally said that you can play online with friends on other platforms such as PC. That is pretty sweet. The ball is really in Playstation's hands. Imagine if other games follow suit. Time will tell but it is a matter of time. It also shows how much Phil Spencer and Nintendo respect each other.

I really liked the Yoshi demo. It did not wow me but I am sure it would be fun to play. Unfortunately the biggest announcement other than Metroid was the online service. That was leaked last week. I think they could have announced it here. I think that was more of a selling point than the above games.

All in all, it was a decent showing. It was a typical Nintendo presentation. It seems that they put less and less effort in these conferences. That is why I said before and I maintain that Nintendo will eventually do their own thing. They started this year an dit was a success.

Let me know what you think. did you like the presentation? What intrigued you? What disappointed you?

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