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E3 2017: EA (Electronic Arts) Press Conference

Updated: Nov 20, 2022


This was the first of the presentations that will go on for the next few days. Today we had the pleasure of seeing what EA is working on and what they are banking on. Let us see how this conference was. This is funny as the E3 conference should not start before June 13th. Most of the presentations will happen before the festivities kick off.

Battlefront II

So obviously the big ticket item here was Battlefront II. They made it a very clear point that they listened to the fans who had concerns with the first Battlefront. They had a 30 minute demo essentially with multiplayer. I have to admit that it looks stunning. I would not mind playing it to be honest. It looks a lot more polished than the first one.

They did seem to put a lot of money in demoing this game and sprucing it up. The biggest announcement for me what that they confirmed that you ca play as Finn, Captain Phasma and many other Star Wars characters. I think that EA said everything that fans wanted to hear. Now let us see if this delivers. Like any game for me, yeah, looks good on screen but how will it play in my living room. The game will be available on PS4, XBOX One and Windows PC on November 17th, 2017,

Battlefront II Trailer

Battlefield I

I was kind of expecting them to do something with this game but I was still surprised. They showed a lot of footage from people playing the game and seeing how much that they enjoy it. They announced the In The Name Of The Tsar DLC for Battlefield. I must admit that again this looks stunning. However the game did look good already.

They also announced a Night Map which for me seems to be a first. You will have to play while it is night outdoors. I welcome this change as this is not an aspect that games have really explored. Looked good and seems fun.

Battlefield I - In The Name Of The Tsar Trailer

A Way Out

This for me was the surprise of the presentation for EA. From the writer and director of Brothers, comes this new kind of CO-OP get out of prison game. So essentially this is a COOP game that you play the story at the same time through a split screen. You can play with a person in the same room of you or online. However the story unfolds for these 2 characters at the same time.

The part of the demo that I found cool, is that while one character may be in a cut scene, the other player can still move around and do things. That seemed really cool to me. I am just not sure if I would like this game. I love to play single player games. This combines single player with multiplayer and I am not sure if I like that. I wonder if there will be a mode for just people that want to play the story alone and the other character would be AI. Looked cool but I am not sure what to think about it yet!

A Way Out Trailer

Need for Speed - Payback

I will be honest, I have not played any of the Need for Speed games in a very long time. The last few seemed to not be very good according to critics. However this one seemed interesting. From the demo that I saw, it looked like it borrowed from the Chase H.Q. arcade game. You chase cars and try to run them off the road. For me, it seemed like a fun arcade game. I think this was the element that was missing from the last few versions. Looked good and I may pick it up.

Need for Speed - Payback Trailer

Sports Games

What would EA be without their sports games. I still say they should release the hold on the games so that others can create arcade kind of games with known players. One tidbit that was interesting is that they mentioned Project Scorpio in the presentation advising that their R&D group, Seed, was looking at ways of making games look better and be better. I would assume that Madden would be demoed at the Microsoft Presentation but who knows. The games look good but the new modes really did not interest me. People will buy these games even when they suck. FIFA is one of the best selling games every year.

NBA Live '18 Trailer

FIFA '18 Trailer


Overall the presentation was average. They showed the sports as usual. There were a few surprises like Anthem. I did not mention it above as it was a very small video and I could not find it. To be honest, at this point it is more speculation than anything. People are saying that it is kind of like a Destiny game. We will see. Hopefully we will get more gameplay at some point this year.

A Way Out was the standout for me. A new look on how to play CO-OP. Many people will criticize the game for being different. I do agree that since this kind of play is so new, we do not know what to expect. Only when played will we be able to evaluate it properly. Need for Speed surprised me to. It made me want to play it. let us see if there is more to the game than what was presented.

Battlefront II does look like a big improvement from the first game. Also remember, this game will be released on all major systems. I know that PS4 has the marketing rights, but it will be on XBOX One and hopefully Scorpio. But from the gameplay it looked good and it seemed fun to play. I am a horrible mutiplayer player, but this looks interesting.

So all in all, this was not the presentation that I was looking forward to but there were some takeaways. I think the best is to come.

Let me know your thoughts below.

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