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Darksiders (XBOX One) Review

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Game Name: Darksiders

Publisher: THQ

Developer: Vigil Games

Release Date: January 5th, 2010

Platforms: Linux, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One

Price: 20.00$


Right before the announcement for Darksiders 3, XBOX Live with gold released Warmaster Editions of the 2 first games. Darksiders the standard edition was available for free for the month or April. I had never played the first game but did play the second one. I loved it. It was a combination of God of War and Zelda. How could one go wrong. Let us see how good this game was.


Before we get into the gameplay, I wanted to give a little background about this game. The game is inspired by the Book of Revelations in the Christian Bible. It is based on the Four Horseman of the Apocolypse. The four horsemen are named, War, Death, Strife, and Fury. In Darksiders 2 you play as Death. In Darksiders 1, you play as War.

The short version of the story is that the 7th seal was broken and War was summoned. Of course, the seal was not broken naturally and War will get through the game trying to get to the bottom of all this.

This is a third person perspective game. You have full control of the camera. On the XBOX One, you use the right stick to move the camera around. Sometimes it can get distracting as enemies pass by you but the camera does not follow. I had the same complaint about Darksiders 2. You are given a sword at the beginning. Of course it is not that powerful but you are able to upgrade as the game progresses and as you get bonuses.

The game could be considered a button masher but the bosses do need some strategy. I had particular difficulty battling Tiamat. She was not an easy boss to defeat. In fact, I found that she is the most difficult one in the game and she is not the final boss.

Some areas are like puzzles and you have to find out what is needed to be done. I think that the difficulty level is just fine. It is not too difficult and it is not too easy. You can increase the difficulty if you so choose.

The story is interesting. I like going through the game trying to get to the bottom of the story. The voice acting is pretty good and believable. The graphics are more cartoonish but they still look decent on more recent consoles. There are a few places where you can see tearing but it is so few and far in between that it does not take away from the game.

The controls are fine. They are standard controls for this type of game. You can learn new combos as the game progresses. However I rarely used this. I just smashed the buttons until everything was dead.

Here is some sample gameplay from the game.

Sample Gameplay


This was a pretty fun and entertaining game. It is not so long that it takes months to finish but it is just long enough to feel as it is meaningful. The bosses are fun to fight and trying to find ways to defeat them, gave it an old school kind of feel.

I believe now you can buy a bundle for 1 and 2 and they are remastered for HD. I think it is worth the buy. I always go back to 2 periodically just to play. It is just a fun game. Before 3 comes out, I may go through 1 and 2 just so that I have the flow of the game.

For me it was worth the free download and I would pay for this game. Let me know what you think. did you like it? Are you thinking of buying it?

Rating: 8 demon slashes out of 10

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