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The Avengers Movie Saga Gio's Way (Part 1)

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

These are great times to be a Superhero fan. We see our childhood heroes come to life (and looking very realistic) on the silver screen. I have been a comic book fan since I was a kid, and I never grew out of it. I love how the graphics and the words complete each other. In my opinion, it is the best form of entertainment after a movie.

The Avengers are one of the most Iconic Superhero Stories that has been created, and one of my favorites. However, in my opinion, the adaptation of the comic books to the screenplay has not been my cup of tea, or in other words, could have been done much, much better. For that reason, I decided to write my own take on how the Avengers should have been done. Enjoy!!!!

The Avengers (Part 1)

The opening scene of the movie begins in a dark hellish place, dungeon like, where a massive arm is dragging Loki towards a dark castle. The warrior releases Loki right next to a head chopping block. As all the warriors in the realm are on one knee saying out load “All Hail the Queen”, the warrior looks at Loki who refuses to kneel for the Queen with any sign of respect. With rage, the warrior slams his huge double edge Ax on the head chopping block. Loki thenknew his choice was his knee down willing or have that Ax slice both his knees off for The Executioner is one very feared warrior. Just when Loki's knees touch the ground, a very tall and powerful woman enters the court yard. Her name is Queen Hela. Hela is attracted to Loki’s wrist amulet. When she waved her finger, Loki is lifted and wheeled towards her like a baby’s toy. Loki’s amulet was magical one: it was able to steal a mini fraction of the Cosmic Cube’s energy. Hela wanted that amulet’s energy and most of all the Cosmic Cube. Loki informs Hela that the Cube is on Midgard (Earth) and that she should prepare her army of warriors to go to Earth to retrieve the Cosmic Cube at any cost. Just with the energy Hela took from the amulet, she has the power to open a portal to Earth.

Back on Earth, in a New York City café terrace (patio) is a beautiful curly red headed woman having tea with a scarlet red coat folded next to her. A man starts a conversation with her, because he felt a magical attraction towards her. The meeting is cut short for he has a flight to catch. However, before he leaves, he gives her his business card and you only see half his name which is Eric W.

At the Shield Hovercraft, Nick Fury is giving Captain America and Hawkeye a tour of all the state of the art technology, weapons, and the Shield crew. (NOTE: My choice of Hawkeye’s costume is the one first seen in the Ultimate Avengers comic book: see below ....)

Movie Costume Marvel Comic Costume

While in the Science and Weapon Department, Fury introduces two of his most promising scientists: Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne. A couple of minutes later, Nick Fury is alerted that a Shield compound is being attacked by an army of powerful warriors who are lead by Loki. Iron Man, Black Widow and The Hulk are called in as reinforcements. Captain America, Hawkeye, Hank Pym and Janet Van Pym with Shields prototype robot army force enters a Shield aircraft to join the rest of the Avengers.

Meanwhile in Asgard, Heimdall tells Thor that Loki is alive and is right now causing chaos in Midgard.

The Avengers were full force teaming up with Shield and the robot army. They were able to defeat Hela’s warrior army. Thor tells Loki to surrender in defeat as Loki laughs for they were only the foot solders. At that moment, the portal reopens as the Elite force enters Earth, led by The Executioner. Loki leaves, for he still must to do for Hela, which is to bring her the Cosmic Cube. After Loki finds the Cube, he uses its power to teleport himself behind an old warehouse. Loki then creates a dark matter spell into one of his amulet as he buries it underground for its mission is to destroy Thor and the Avengers in the event that they survive todays encounter. However, the main ingredient will arrive much later.

Back at the Shield’s compound, a lot of Shield’s robots are getting destroyed as Captain America apologizes to Hank Pym for most of his robots’ destruction. Pym replied that his robot is just machine design to help humans. Humans are more important. In the background, you notice that one robot stopped fighting to listen to the conversation as it gets relayed back to Pym’s computer in the Hovercraft. You then see the computer screen flashing “just machine” “humans more important”. Pages after pages are flashing on the screen from all the World Wars, Sex Trade, Global Warming, Terrorist Group, Wildlife Extinction and so on as it writes “does not compute”. Just below the computer screen you see a stand with the word PROJECT ULTRON.

Back on the battle field, Loki arrives as he calls his forces to retreat for he has Queen Hela’s Cosmic Cube. Before entering the portal, Loki cast a powerful spell of madness and rage on the Hulk to keep both The Avengers and Shield forces busy. However, Thor throws his hammer at Loki’s hand that was holding the Cosmic Cube just when the portal was closing as both hammer and Cosmic Cube are still on Earth. With that act, Thor’s defence is down as the Hulk punches Thor so hard that Thor is no longer in the same State. Hank Pym fires a prototype device onto Hulk’s forehead. The device was created to calm the Hulk so Bruce Banner can take control or turn back into human form. It was a failed attempt for the Hulk was still at full rage as he charged at full force towards Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne to give the killing blow. Despite Iron Man being damaged, he entered the fight, and it was a fast defeat. Hulk turns and continues his charge towards the Avengers. Every Avengers are throwing every weapon they got however the Hulk isn’t slowing down. Hulk releases his death blow however, a powerful force field stops him. Captain America turns to thank Hank and Janet however, Hawkeye tells the Avengers that he is sure that the force field came from the woman behind them wearing the scarlet red coat. She tells the Avengers that her power is based on magic and she is close to her limit. That’s how Hawkeye called her The Scarlet Witch. Captain America asked Scarlet Witch if she had a spell to teleport the Hulk somewhere where humans are safe from Hulk’s power and rage. The Scarlet Witch gives everything she got and more as the Hulk just disappears.

Back on the Hovercraft, Nick Fury tells the Avengers that the Cosmic Cube is safely put away and both Hulk or Bruce Banner hasn’t been spotted yet. A few moments later, three of Shield’s robots enter the room walking towards the Avengers. Captain America was able to see from a tinted glass that on the robots back they had packs of explosives. Captain America was able to gesture and tell the Scarlet Witch to teleport the robots far outside as an explosion is heard as the Hovercraft gets lightly rocked. Immidiately after, every computer screen flashes “Next time the Avengers, yourself, father and the creator Dr. Hank Pym won’t be so lucky. For Ultron has one mission, the extinction of humans.” Nick Fury looks at Dr. Pym and every scientist in the room to find Ultron’s whereabouts and create weapons to destroy him forever. This will become the Avengers number one priority.

PROLOGUE (Sneak peak of Upcoming Articles)

PROLOGUE #1: You see the warehouse where Loki buried his magic amulet in the ground. In the warehouse you hear Ultron’s voice telling his robots to place the human next to that Hydra’s failed prototype that Ultron has perfected. It ends with the human who begs and pleas to be released which follows with a powerful and painful scream. Later that night you see a humanoid robot carrying and digging a hole in the ground for the lifeless body. Which was the exact same spot as where Loki burred the Amulet.

PROLOGUE #2: 6 Computer screens around the world lights up. It says I will pay triple your fee and five others for your services to protect me against the Avengers. Do you accept or not; they all respond accept. It replies that their fee is already in their account and their password is MASTER OF EVIL.

PROLOGUE #3: In another galaxy, an immense space ship that looks like a capital H. As you see a small space vessel trying to escape and avoid all those lasers canon like they where in slow motion. Meanwhile back in the control room of the H spaceship, a conversation between an Alien Soldier and The Master:

Alien Soldier: Master you where right, the traitor that is making the escape is the Kree. Give us the order to fire your secret weapon on it.

The Master: No, send a couple of my stealth fliers to just follow him for he will lead us to the Cosmic Cube. Once the Cube is in my possession then I will kill him myself.

Alien Soldier: Yes, Master Thanos.

PROLOGUE #4: The only way humans will reach the triple sun solar system will not be in a light speed spaceship for you will die of old age ten times; it will be through a wormhole. On the fifth planet, a massive alien warrior on a six legged lifeform is seen. Looking through a telescope in a village that his army just invaded and killed everybody or he thought.

The Captain: In the village, I see a movement in the dead corpse field that we left a few minutes ago. Are all my warriors counted for?

Warrior Soldier: Yes, Sir! All are here Sir.

The Captain: Then it must be one of theirs who was hiding like a cowardly baby. Get six of owner best warriors who want some little fun and action. Tell them to bring their weapons for he already has a shield and a sword.

The Captain: Well, well we found owner crawling coward. We will make this very slow and painful how ever very fun for us.

The Survivor: First I am not a coward and second, I am not from this village. The same defenseless villagers who you already had your fun with. Third, I will make this encounter fast and very painful for all of you

The Captain: How dare you! This land and everybody on it belongs to the Great Red King for it’s part of his empire.

The Survivor: Your Red King and his army are a bunch of weak parasites in his mini empire. I will start by smashing you and your whole army here and the ones on that edge. Then I will find your King and shove his gold spoon down his already dead body. After I become the new king I will stop at nothing until every empire on this planet is under my rule. Then when that day will come much faster than you think I and everybody else will call this PLANET HULK.


This is Part 1 of my take on the Avengers Movie Saga. I want to hear from you. Please leave me some comments here, Facebook or Twitter. Let me know what you liked, disliked, or what you would just leave as is. If you want to brush up on the original Avenger comic book stories, see Aroundtable's recommendations:

Stay tuned for Part 2 of The Avengers Movie Saga (Gio’s Way) coming soon!!!!

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