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The future of movie going: a movie fan’s delusional dream of the future.

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

The future of movie going: a movie fan’s delusional dream of the future:

I had a dream last night that I owned a movie theatre. And not just some hole in the wall, rinky-dink movie theatre, but the mother of all theatres! I had this amazing name for it as well. Are you ready? … ESCAPE! Because you want a place to escape the everyday routine. Well erm, it sounded better in my head, but I digress.

My theatre would have multiple screens, showcasing the biggest blockbusters and special screenings for some of the old classics and fan favourites; like a repertoire theatre. Then, there would be screening rooms specially designed for kids, elderly and of course wheel chair accessibility.

Of course I would have a popcorn stand, coffee shop, and maybe even a restaurant. There would be video games and rides for the kids. Anything and everything that friends, couples or families could do together.

But what I really would like to do, is offer something that no theatre has done before. If I had my dream theatre, I would give the cinema goer the option, if they like the film of course, to purchase the Blu-ray, DVD or download of said film, as soon as you exit the theatre. Imagine, watching the latest Star Wars or James Bond and reliving the experience again and again in the comfort of your own home. How amazing would that be! Let’s face it, we all have that sense of wanting to see a great film, again and again. Why not let the magic continue.

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