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Zheros Review (XBOX One)

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Game Name: Zheros

Developer: Rimlight

Publisher: Rimlight

Platforms: XBOX One, Playstation 4 (Release soon) and Steam

Price: 19.99$ (XBOX One), I assume it is the same on Steam and Playstation


I decided to pick it up as it was one of the free games with the Games with Gold program on XBOX. I had nothing to lose. If it sucks I did not pay anything for it and it was great then it is even better. Since I love playing platformer games, this was right up my alley. Let's see how I fared with this game.


The plot is a very simple one and one that has been used a lot in the past. However it does not take itself seriously which is awesome. There is an evil scientist named Dr. Vendetta (sounds like a character in James Bond) and he wants to expand his army. So from his lair he commands aliens to come and destroy the earth. I think that is gist of the plot. You are playing as either the female (Captain Dorian) or Mike. You will save the world from this evil.


Now as I explained above you play one of 2 characters. I have played only with Mike but I plan to play again in the future with the female lead. I would assume they are similar but have different abilities which could be advantagous in certain areas.

The graphics are very beautiful and it is like playing with the cast from Incredibles (the movie). The visuals are reminiscent of Pixar animations. That is pretty cool.

The game itself is a platformer similar to Streets of Rage or Double Dragon with a modern twist and updated graphics. Old school gamers will probably like this but newer gamers may find this boring. This is what I could call a button masher as that is all that you do. Eventually though it does become repetitive. But sometimes it feels good playing these games.

The level of difficulty is pretty good. Some levels are just fighting and getting through hordes of enemies. Other levels are speed levels which I found quite challenging. I think it has a good level of difficulty and that does not make you frustrated too often.

The enemies vary but after a while they all become the same. You have robots, awkward looking aliens and mechanical inventions that shoot at you with lasers and rockets and so on.

For our heros, they get some power ups and obtain some energies that replenish various different things. The blue energy replenishes your gun so that you can shoot at your enemy. The yellow energy helps you to get points or XP and from there you can power up between levels. In addition during your runs you will get some mechanical armours which will protect you in certain areas that are riddled with enemies.

Find below my sample gameplay that I recorded on Twitch. It will give you an idea of what you are getting into if you plan on getting this game.

Sample Gameplay (recorded on Twtich for XBOX One)


This game is easy to pick up and play. It can get a little repetitive but I do not think that that should be an issue. No one said anything about Streets of Rage 2 and that is very repetitive. The game will not take you months to finish but there is enough here to keep you playing for a while. I forgot to mention above that there is a Co-op mode but I did not have a chance to play that aspect so I cannot comment at this moment in time.

I liked this game and I will probably go back to play Co-op and with the female lead. I can see how sme people may find it boring but I can also see the fun in it. I recommend this game and even if it is not free anymoire at 20$, I think that it is a great pickup. Hell it is better than some of the games that are 60$ or 70$.

Rating: 7 aliens out of 10

Please let me know your thoughts below. Have you played it? What do you think about it?




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