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Action Henk Review (XBOX One)

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Game Name: Action Henk

Developer: RageSquid

Platforms: XBOX One, PS4, Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux

Release Dates: Steam (May 11, 2015), XBOX One (March 4th, 2016) and PS4 (March 8th, 2016)

Price: $14.99$ (XBOX One)


I was looking at the XBOX One store and was just looking for a game that was not too expensive. I stumbled upon this one for about 15$ and I streamed on Twitch for about an hour. Played until 3 am in the morning as I lost track of time. Let us see what made this game so addictive for me.


The gameplay is very simple. It is literally a race against time. You have different types of tracks and there is a rating system of Bronze, Silver or Gold depending on how well you do. Seems to be the industry measuring sticks nowadays by having the 3 star system. It will eventually be a tiring concept but here it fits really well in th type of game play.

When racing on the tracks, you are always trying to best yourself. You can run against your personal best or the gold run from the system. I personally like the gold run because you can measure and it gives hints on how to run the most efficiently. It is kind of cheating but it is harder than it looks. I have retried tracks over and over again.

There are usually 5 main tracks per section, a run to gain an extra character and then if you get gold on all the racks in that section there is a special bonus track. The leaderboards are cool as you can measure yourself on how the rest of the world is doing.

The controls are pretty simple. You move forward with the left thumb stick or the D-Pad. If you are in the middle of the race and you want to start over form the beginning, you can press the B button. The Y button is similar in that it starts you from a save point of the race. and the A button lets you jump. if you press down you will be able to slide down certain areas of the track.

There you have it. The gameplay is nothing new as I would consider this similar to California Games on NES, but it is extremely fun. See for yourself in the sample gameplay below.

Introduction Gameplay

Longer Gameplay


All in all this is a fun game for the whole family. It will get repetitive in order to get the fastest times but it will pull you in. The evolution of the difficulty in the game is done just perfectly. There is not dramatic jump with the dofficulty. The controls are very simple and it is very easy to pick up. The graphics are cartoonish but were smooth and I did not have any glitches when I was playing.

I would recommend this game to anyone. It is great fun and the replay value is very high.

Rating: 8.5 tracks out of 10

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