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Pepper II (ColecoVision) Retro Review

Game Name: Pepper II

Developer: Exidy

Publisher: Exidy

Platform: Arcade and ColecoVision

Release Date: June 1982

Price: 3$ to 10$ on Amazon


When I was a very small kid, I would watch my brother play this game. Although I could probably read the name on the game, I always called it Zipper. To me, all you were doing is zipping up seams. I was about 2 years old when this came out. So recently, I saw this online and thought that I would play it again for shits and giggles and see if it still holds up.


Although this is called Pepper II, there was never a Pepper I. At least I do not know of a game called Pepper I. I never knew this but apparently you play the character of Pepper which is an Angel. Similar to Pac-Man, you need to avoid certain enemies. There are 2 types of enemies named Roaming Eyes and Whippersnapper. The latter will undo what you have done.

There are 4 areas to clear per level. You can get certain power ups if you zip certain areas. Then the enemies are vulnerable and you can just eat them up like in Pac-Man. There is not really much to this game. Obviously the difficulty rises with each level. See sample gameplay below.

Sample Gameplay

As you can see, there are many similarities with Pac-Man. I liked the sound and little music when you got a power up or finished a level. I guess it is one of those games that people have forgotten as I would have thought someone would have made a modern version of this by now.


This is a great game. Yes, it borrows from Pac-Man but that is not necessarily a bad thing. I could play this for hours. It is so simple yet addictive. Then again, most puzzle or maze games are. If you have a ColecoVision, I would recommend picking it up. Same goes if you have an emulator. It is well worth playing it at least once.

Rating: 9 Whippersnappers out of 10

Have you ever played? What are your thoughts.

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